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My Girl Panty-Pop

vending machine for the Japanese market with accompanying song
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I'm still savouring the after-images and after-thoughts of my trip to Japan. One of the things I took dozens of pics of were their incredible vending machines, which sell virtually everything, including schoolgirl's panties.... (the Japanese have strange desires)

There must be a market for these items, and where there is a market there is always room for a variation. That variation is: My Girl Panty-Pop

My Girl Panty-Pop is a range of girl's panties which are also on sale from a vending machine, but these are different because they are scrunched up, soaked in a liquidised flavour, then frozen into a rocket shape with a supporting centre stick for convenient holding.

This means that when delivered they look exactly like frozen lollipops, which must be licked away to release their kinky contents.

The machine itself also plays a tune, which is of course an appropriately altered version of that great 60s pop tune My Boy Lollipop by Millie (if my memory serves me)

In this case the tune has been rendered with new words and naturally becomes My Girl Panty-Pop.

xenzag, Jul 11 2012

Maid Cafés http://www.cnngo.co...t-maid-cafes-798315
No comment needed [xenzag, Jul 11 2012]

Vending extremes http://www.oddee.com/item_96684.aspx
Seems as though labelling these as cigarette machines is enough to circumvent the law. [xenzag, Jul 11 2012]

My Boy Lollipop http://www.google.c...FJNNAljbgzn-MOfg3ZA
Not quite the original, but the one I know and love by Millie [xenzag, Jul 12 2012]

Kinki region http://www.japan-gu...com/list/e1105.html
... [not_morrison_rm, Jul 25 2012]


       This is just too weird to not reward. Bun.
Alterother, Jul 11 2012

       I have discussed this with Sturton and the intercalary. We are unanimous. You will hear a car pulling into your driveway shortly.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 11 2012

       oh god
Voice, Jul 11 2012

       . . .
FlyingToaster, Jul 11 2012

       How many licks does it take to get to the soiled underpants?
tatterdemalion, Jul 11 2012

       I'm going to pretend I didn't read this one...
xandram, Jul 11 2012

       //How many licks does it take to get to the soiled underpants?// Not soiled in this versions. As for number of licks....that depends on how the tongue characteristics and action profile. Make one up and report on your findings.
xenzag, Jul 11 2012

       This is why we still have a negative vote option.
RayfordSteele, Jul 11 2012

       I'd bun it again if I could.
Alterother, Jul 11 2012

       you did: I lent you one.
FlyingToaster, Jul 11 2012

       You're a toff, [Toasty].
Alterother, Jul 11 2012

       //This is why we still have a negative vote option.// I take it you won't be investing.... but from what I've seen in Tokyo, these would sell very well. Take a look at their Maid Cafés sometime. Bizarre.
xenzag, Jul 11 2012

       //As for number of licks....that depends on how the tongue characteristics and action profile.   

       [xenzag], no need, please disregard, I was riffing on Tootsie pop but that was long ago.
tatterdemalion, Jul 11 2012

       In Japan, is it socially acceptable for a man to walk up to a vending machine and buy some girls panties? Do they get weird looks? Are these machines in broad daylight, or only found in the "red light district"? I'm curious why/how such a thing exists.
DIYMatt, Jul 11 2012

       // I'm curious why/how such a thing exists. //   

       The how is pretty simple: it's like a soda machine, only instead of soda, it dispenses panties.   

       The why is more complicated. There are some things that just don't translate well between cultures. Americans, on the whole, do not understand cricket or snooker, and the British largely do not see the appeal of NASCAR or what we righteously call football. In Afghanistan, there is a popular sport involving a number of screaming men riding on very small horses and vying for posession of a dead goat.   

       Japan seems to me to have become a sort of breeding ground for strange fads, trends, obsessions, and activities that nobody else understands. It is best to simply accept that this is one of those intrinsically Japanese things. Without full immersion into their culture, complete fluency in the modern Japanese vernacular, a great deal of study, and asking a number of somewhat awkward questions, it won't make any sense.   

       Every culture in the world does things that are virtually incomprehensible to other cultures. The Japanese, in keeping with their post-WWII social charter, just do it more and do it better than enyone else.   

       <please note that this entire annotation is based on opinion, conjecture, and marginally informed supposition>
Alterother, Jul 11 2012

       About 5 minutes of 'research' turned up four independent sources stating that there are two types of panty- dispensing machines. One type is found in "hot springs entertainment halls," which sound kind of like a combination of a bath house, a movie theater/video game arcade, and a bar. The machines found there are in the women's locker rooms, and dispense what one blogger described as "granny panties" for the benefit of women who, for whatever reason, urgently need a pair of dry/clean underwear.   

       The second type of machine does indeed sell "schoolgirl panties;" I got the impression that these are skimpy and fashionable, with bright colors and graphics, but provide more coverage than thongs. The panties are brand new and unused. This type of machine can supposedly be found almost anywhere, usually tucked away in an unobtrusive nook and frequently accompanied by a so-called "pink machine," which sells cheap porno DVDs and 4"x6" magazines. One person wrote about finding a schoolgirl- panty machine at an amusement park, around the back of a roller coaster, wedged between a Coca-Cola machine and a machine that sold condoms, tampons, cologne, and motion-sickness remedies.   

       There is much suggestion that used-panty machines existed for a time before being banned by the government, but no solid confirmation. Supposedly, teenage schoolgirls would stop at a porno shop on their way to school, swap their panties for a brand-new pair provided by the store, wear them all day, then go back to the store on the way home and change back into their own underwear and turning in the once-used pair at the counter, upon whence they would be paid what amounted to about $5. As I said, I found nothing solid to back this up, but three of the four sources I breezed through (including Snopes) told exactly the same story. With all of the Moè weirdness that flows out of Japan in a never-ending stream, I'm inclined to believe it.
Alterother, Jul 11 2012

       // the colossal perversion is mind-boggling especially when otherwise the culture is steeped in stiff-upper-lippery type traditions   

       Perhaps one begets the other. A less extreme example - American conservatives are the biggest consumers of online pornography.
tatterdemalion, Jul 11 2012

       //In Japan, is it socially acceptable for a man to walk up to a vending machine and buy some girls panties? Do they get weird looks? Are these machines in broad daylight//   

       No one in Japan gives anyone a weird look regardless of what they are doing. This at least is what I observed in Tokyo. This is a complex society where honour, extreme politeness and fear of loss of face are combined. I saw bizarre extremes coexisting, like a Shinto Shrine sandwiched between garish love hotels.
xenzag, Jul 12 2012

       [marked-for-deletion] flavor (or flavour), gross-out humor (or humour)
Loris, Jul 12 2012

       I can hardly wait for them to show up here in the States --- I'm rather fond of the flavor "Friday Night After The Disco." I remember making things (like little wooden cabins) out of Popcicle sticks when I was a kid. Boy, is this ever going to liven up Show-And-Tell at the local schoolhouse. I give it two buns up [+][+]. Well done, [xenzag]!
Grogster, Jul 12 2012

       //[marked-for-deletion] flavor (or flavour)// Actually it's much more than a flavour. In fact there could a totally flavourless version with just plain frozen water.
xenzag, Jul 12 2012

       //Maybe [MB] would care to expand on that theory//   

       Certainly. I am always happy to expand in the area of sexuality.   

       I think the idea of English (or, to use a shabby word, British) perversions is somewhat overplayed. Or rather, I think we have our fair share of perversions, but probably not much more than most other nations.   

       The Japanese, though, have always puzzled me - probably because I have no first-hand experience of their culture. They seem to be obedient and conformist to a great degree, and this is something I've noticed in a few other Asian cultures. I've asked many people in Malaysia (where there is a similar conformity, and is the only Asian country I've spent significant time in), and they agree that it's a national trait. But in Japan, they seem to have found ways to escape from this conformity, whilst still somehow conforming: things that we would consider bizarre are accepted as normal.   

       Perhaps it's a very smart thing to do - to recognize that some escape from the norm is needed, and then to tolerate that escapism.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 12 2012

       Its Vagina Jam all over again, isnt it.
gnomethang, Jul 12 2012

       The above (marked-for-tagline)
normzone, Jul 12 2012

       All cultures are a little different. One example, British trading ships used to sneak through the straits by western Japan to save a few miles. The Japanese got a bit cheesed off with this intrusion into territorial waters and fired on the ships. The British Navy was sent in to give them a bit of seeing too, bombarded the battery.   

       Ok, now can you guess what the Japanese said when asked about it -   

       1) How dare you kill our soldiers.   


       2) That was really accurate shooting.
not_morrison_rm, Jul 13 2012

       I would guess:   

       3) Somebody set up us, the bomb!
Loris, Jul 13 2012

       Remind us again why you ever bothered to come back ...
8th of 7, Jul 13 2012

       Isn't it time those with whatever bug appears to be up their butt took it elsewhere and stopped spoiling these ideas for the rest of us who don't care about what are obviously ancient grudges?
Phrontistery, Jul 14 2012

       you want the site all to yourself or something ? get real.   

       Each poster can use the 'delete' button on their post and its attached annotations to revise the flow of texts to remove the annos they don't want and leave something that they want to portray.   

       I don't think any amount of annotations, or contents thereof, are going to help this post either way.
FlyingToaster, Jul 14 2012

       Have I missed something here? Can someone enlighten me please?
xenzag, Jul 14 2012

       Not "enlighten" per se, but we could help you stick your fingers in a live electrical outlet in the doubtless vain hope of dissuading you from posting any similar ideas you may be fementing, inspired by your recent trip.
8th of 7, Jul 14 2012

       I said that no amount of annotations is going to change anybody's opinion of the post.   

       "foment", illiterate Borg.
FlyingToaster, Jul 14 2012

       Ha - funny. I have numerous follow ups. This is a mild example, of an actually viable idea. I know beyond doubt that My Girl Panty-Pops would sell quite well. I fully intend making a clear resin version.   

       That's the great thing about Japan, the strange mix of politeness, extreme manners, aesthetic perfection, privacy, that can be found juxtaposed with kinky crassness.
xenzag, Jul 14 2012

       'I said that no amount of annotations is going to change anybody's opinion of the post'.   

       Some annotations do change opinion as regards the posters though.
Phrontistery, Jul 14 2012

       // the strange mix of politeness, extreme manners aesthetic perfection, privacy, that can be aesthetic perfection, privacy, that can be found juxtaposed with kinky crassness //   

       Sorry, is this Japan or the HB … ?
8th of 7, Jul 14 2012

       and some annotations should be read with the original context intact, and firsthand, not through self-serving slanderous secondhand reports.   

       Just sayin'.
FlyingToaster, Jul 14 2012

       Time for a new TLA: BWC   

       "Bunned While Cringing."
elhigh, Jul 20 2012

       I think that voting in either direction would make me feel a bit dirty.
wagster, Jul 22 2012

       //kinky crassness   

       Ah, you'd be referring to this Kinki? The alternative area name for Kansai (Kyoto, Osaka, Nara and Kobe). See link, if you really must.
not_morrison_rm, Jul 25 2012


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