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CD-storing wall hanging
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I'd like to bang a bunch of nails or pins into my wall to keep my CDs on for easy access. Unfortunately I rent my room, and the landlord probably wouldn't be too chuffed at that. So i'm thinking of making some kind of large (2m x 3m) attractive wall hanging, perhaps featuring some restful scene. The hanging would have wee transparent studs attached to it at irregular, but at-least-CD-diameter-sized intervals.
mhjb, Jan 25 2004

Inspired by http://waitingforamiracle.blogspot.com
my sister [mhjb, Oct 04 2004]

(?) http://www.cdgaller...om/CDModular1AA.jpg http://www.cdgaller...om/CDModular1AA.jpg
[berg, Oct 04 2004]


       cork pinboarding and pins? wouldn't the cds get dusty?
po, Jan 25 2004

       You could beat dust by making pegs that were the same side as the centre holes, little circles of dense foam or something. Make the main all something smooth and then the CDs can hug it better.
digitaleus, Jan 25 2004

       Make it from felt with pockets to slide in the CDs. I have seen X-mas calendars like that with pockets for little treats. Of course you have to figure out how to find your CDs, just numbering the pockets 1 to 24 won't help. If you are creative and have a fixed set of CDs you can match the hanging to give hints about the location of the CDs.
kbecker, Jan 26 2004

       They also have attractive wooden screens with revolving slots for CD's.
spacecadet, Jan 26 2004

       Have the Mona Lisa sing along with KMFDM as they play "WW3"
Letsbuildafort, Jan 27 2004

       They sell something similar at Urban Outfitters.
berg, Feb 18 2004

       I have developed a CD wall hanging storage/display system, coincidentaly called musicwall. A strap of webbing has little hollow boxes set at intervals along it. 2 corners of a CD case sit between these boxes, at a 45 deg angle. The strap is simply nailed to a wall. The CDs are not obscured and can be readily removed. Check it out at http://www.browndesign.co.uk
browndesign, Jun 05 2004


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