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Portable CD Player with MP3 Support

A portable CD player that supports CDs containing MP3s.
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Why just have 64megs (approx. 2 hrs) of MP3 music when you can have more than 600megs (12 hrs plus) of music!

Similar to those DVD players that can read MP3s of CDs, the MP3/CD player would read MP3 files off a CD and play them, supporting burned CDs as well as CD-Rs and CD-RWs.

mrkillboy, Jul 15 2000

Portable MP3 CD players http://www.maxtek.de/news_e.htm
C'mon, that *had* to at least be in the works. [jutta, Jul 15 2000]

Philips eXpanium, $199 US http://www.expanium.philips.com/
It's baked, and being quickly sold out at Circuit Cities everywhere. No ID3 tag support, though, so that makes it hard to find your songs...P.S. This isn't the first of its kind, but it's the first that doesn't suck. [quanta, Jul 15 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

TDK Mojo, under $165 US http://www.tdk.com/cdmp3/
Nicely baked by TDK, I have one of these and the UI is quite nice. [krelnik, Oct 13 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Why CDs? Minidisk would be better. Similar capacity, smaller, easier to write, writable many times, can be written track by track. Winner all round, I'd say.   

       But with ~10 hrs of music, you get 120 five minute tracks, so you've got to navigate a menu of 120 items to find the track you want. This could be interesting on a tiny screen (especially while driving).
Mickey the Fish, Aug 25 2000

       It would be interesting to see a small (ultra portable :)MP3 module with, say, 32Mb of memory, that docks with a regular Audio/MP3 CD player. This would: a) save power (CD spins only while downloading songs to the MP3 module, this can be transparent to user) b) eliminate problems with CD shaking (though there are other methods for this)   

       Perhaps this module could be built into headphones, so you can detach them and still have an hour of music with you...
danilom, Sep 13 2000

       a MiniDisc mp3 player would be cool, but music stored on the MiniDisc is allready compressed...a MiniDisc only stores about 120megs, I believe....still better then a cd player or an mp3 player, though!
cybercyph, Sep 13 2000

       MP3 compatible CD players have been around for at least a year, and I have seen one for £60 (around $100) brand new. Completely baked!
chard, Oct 13 2002


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