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Multiple CD Burner for Using Multiple CDs
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I hate burning mix CDs because I have to stay at the computer while I burn them so that I can change the CDs as it needs them. With a 'multiple CD burner', you could just stick in like 10 CDs, or however many it would hold, and then go. You wouldn't have to sit there and change CDs so that it could take a couple songs off of each one.
LaLaLaLola, Aug 31 2001


       Why don't you just rip the songs you want on to harddisk and use a program such as MusicMatch Jukebox to master your mix CD? This is how I'd do it.
mrkillboy, Aug 31 2001

       Besides, there are already multiple CD-Rom drives, so you just need one CD burner and one of these. Sounds baked...
StarChaser, Sep 01 2001


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