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Mustard Bottles

Why should just ketchup be hard to dispense?
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Ketchup is notoriously hard to shake out of those narrow-neck bottles. Why should mustard get off so easily? A nice, wide-mouth jar? I don't think so! It's the bottle for you, Bub---and all your other condiment pals, too.
Ander, Sep 09 2000

Thixotropic properties of ketchup http://www.1.slb.com/seed/lab/ketchup/
It's not the bottle, it's the goop. Ketchup is thixotropic, meaning its viscosity changes with handling. (rmutt positively loves that word, and suspects he's somewhat thixotropic himself.) Anyway, y'all be wantin to make mustard thixotropic too. There are handy thixotropic polymers that you can add to any liquid; a big application is the "mud" used in drilling oil wells. Yummy. Thixotropic. [rmutt, Sep 09 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Baked. Most restaraunts that have mustard available on the table have ketchup type bottles, to keep people from poking their grungy cutlery into it. Home jars have wide mouths because some recipes call for spoonfuls of mustard. They tried the same thing with ketchup, came up with lots of things that used it, but it bombed monstrously.   

       Besides, haven't you ever seen squeeze bottles of mustard?
StarChaser, Sep 09 2000

       How about ketschup that is carbonated some how? First you shack the bottle, then you open it and the ketschup just pours itself out.
rooster, Sep 09 2000

       Sure- and the carbonated ketchup probably 'just pours itself out' all over your clothes- or worse, all over your date.   

       (Personally, I think that restaurants must mix ketchup with rubber cement or something to keep it from pouring properly.)
BigThor, Sep 12 2000

       I've seen a number of Chinese recipes call for ketchup. They're usually quite tasty in the end, and it's generally only a tablespoon or so (for a wok full of stir-fry). If you get the "easy squeeze" kind it's not really a problem (especially compared to e.g. soy sauce).
egnor, Sep 12 2000

       I have devised a technique for getting the last glops of ketchup (Heinz Tomato Sauce, usually) from the bottom of the bottle. IMPORTANT: ENSURE THAT THE LID IS FIRMLY SCREWED ON BEFORE ATTEMPTING THE FOLLOWING PROCEDURE! Hold the bottle at arms length, bottle colinear with arm, arm hanging down, lid end pointing down. Swing arm vigorously, in the manner of a pendulum, keeping it straight. The combined action of gravity and centrifugal force will cause the sauce to migrate to the lid end, whence it may be easily poured out, or scraped out with a knife. Care should be exercised when removing the lid, as a quantity of sauce will have accumulated therein, leading to the possibility of spillage.
Mickey the Fish, Sep 15 2000

       Micky, you and I must be on the same wavelength. After listening to a discussion of various ketchup extraction methods ("hit the 57", etc.), I took the ketchup, tightened the top and gave it two swift flicks downward, whereupon the ketch was only too happy to flavor my food for me.   

       My friends looked at me in awe and amazement, and to this day they worship me like unto a god.   


       (PS. To stay on topic, this trick also works with mustard in ketchup-type bottles and keeps you from getting that watery pre-mustard all over your bun. Gah, I hate that stuff.)
centauri, Sep 16 2000, last modified Dec 14 2000

       The plastic bottle is the key. I don't understand why restaurants don't use plastic bottles for mustard AND ketchup. It's more durable (drop it and it won't break), it's easy to get the ketchup/mustard out of, and they shake easily to get rid of watery stuff (yuck!)
djhotsauce, Dec 14 2000

       Ketchup and mustard should be dispensed from guns: one glop to a shot.
Vance, Feb 01 2001

       if you just buy ketchup and other condiments in those plastic packets, you'll forget about the "disadvantages" of those long-neck bottles; I've never yet opened ANY condiment packet without half the goo ending up on my fingers and/or my shirt.   

       I haven't bought a glass ketchup bottle in years, it all comes in plastic squeeze bottles now. The best kinds are "upside-down."
whlanteigne, Aug 09 2005

       Centauri hit on one of my pet peeves.   

       It's 2005, for krum's sake -- why can't they make mustard that doesn't piss all over the bun in the first squirt?
land, Nov 15 2005


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