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Butter substitute made from fossil fuels
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If we are capable of turning plant oils into engine fuel then we can take fossil fuel and turn it into a light sweet buttery spread.

It's rather cheap if you actually had to eat it.

sartep, May 12 2004

Here is the price of crude oil http://www.wtrg.com/prices.htm
A barrel will cost an arm and a leg. [sartep, Oct 05 2004]


       why would it be cheaper than refining vegetable oil ? making something expensive into something cheaper doesn't seem like a particularly sensible business model.
neilp, May 12 2004

       I had an old (late 70's?) book on technology which mentioned the process of producing some kind of foodstuff from oil.. it suggested that countries with oil but poor crop conditions might eat part of their crude oil output.
benjamin, May 12 2004

       [benjamin] was the food from oil thing not based on oil-eating bacteria and fungi? I thought that was where the idea for Quorn came from.
suctionpad, May 12 2004

       Surely crude contains benzene... for which there is "no safe trace amount"?
david_scothern, May 12 2004

       Yes, benzene is very dangerous carcinogen. You should avoid breathing benzene at all costs and try not to drink it. I guess it is impossible to make products from crude oil without having benzene in them as you say. So avoid dyes, plastics, ethanol and perscription medicine.
sartep, May 12 2004

       //avoid dyes, plastics, ethanol and perscription medicine// that's probably very sound advice.
neilp, May 12 2004


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