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Not salt: Not cocaine.

Seasoning for a brave new world.
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Many of us instinctively reach for the salt bottle before even tasting the food. Many of us get just a tiny, tiny bit excited when the (Italian) waiter comes over with that great pig pepper pot.

Isn't it about time, with all our know-how, to come out with a legal, non-viagara, non-narcotic-but-not-far-off-it kind of condiment? Something you would not eat on its own, but applied in a small amount to your food makes you act/feel like a Red Indian dancing round the fire for a few minutes before settling down and having a lot of honest talking fun and generally feeling great.

Somewhere between truffles and something I would never try. (And inexpensive).

Waiter: "yojobuvite, sir?" (or whatever)

Diner 1: "Hell, yeah!....whoa, stop, stop! Oh shit." <wicked smile>

Diner 2: "Yee-har! Jester's dead!"

thantox, Apr 06 2001


       I'm with that. If caffeine were not so bitter, mayhap it could be crystallized and pulverized?
absterge, Apr 06 2001

       Is marlboro country also red indian country then?
thantox, Apr 06 2001

       Is it Red Man Chewing tobacco? Thank You Thank You Very Much. What A Crowd.
thumbwax, Apr 06 2001

       How about having a drink before dinner...enough for a minor buzz.
blahginger, Apr 07 2001

       I agree. Beware Alcohol Demon hiding in salt pot.
thantox, Apr 07 2001

       Is it true you can get drunk on water?
thantox, Apr 08 2001

       No alcohol required - much for "water intoxication" on web.   

       Bu then you would need various salts to get over it.
thantox, Apr 08 2001

       Huhuhuh He said 'ass'
thumbwax, Apr 08 2001

       When I was a kid, my Pop would always go on about how "Those Hollywood Weirdos put that CO-caine on their food". I can only imagine what must have taken place when someone "tried it at home" after hearing such rubbish.
thumbwax, May 30 2001

       [thumbwax] No need to imagine: watch the jail scene in Charlie Chaplin's "Modern Times."
hob, Jun 20 2001


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