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My Big Flat Geek Welding

better for the joints.
  [vote for,

(deja vu?)

I propose a welding tape (approx 6mm across) which you wrap around connectors (when cold) to allow you to better place solder.. simply melt it when it's in situ.

neilp, May 20 2004


       Having been led here by your shameless plug on another idea I must say I am shocked and appalled that you would wish to expose your awful pun to a wider audience.   

       I did vote for it though.
dobtabulous, May 25 2004

       //your shameless plug on another idea//it works.. woo hoo!
neilp, May 25 2004

       another excellent pun [neilp]. I actually like the fact that this is backed up with an idea. +
jonthegeologist, May 25 2004

       What next--My Big Fat Weak Gelding?
Salted Nuts, May 25 2004

       Don't know why this doesn't exist. +
sartep, May 25 2004

       neilp, you renamed this from "Dog Flavored Cat Treats", keeping a lot of votes that have nothing to do with this idea. Don't do that. (It's not working in the idea's favor--the reception for your welding tape is much better than the one for the cat treats, unsurprisingly.)
jutta, May 25 2004

       Naughty inventor.
bristolz, May 25 2004

       Quick! Change it to something else before someone cries "widely known to exist". Bun for recycling.   

       Oh damn - looks like I already gave you a bun. But for which idea?
Worldgineer, May 25 2004


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