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My browser history online

I choose to be able to retrace my browsing and searches online
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[Edited for clarity]

The MyBrowserHistory website would allow you to tag the history with keywords, to categorize your visited websites with topics that you worked on, to put them into a hierarchy tree, and would allow you to connect one website to another associating them with context, and it could tell which website lead to which.

(...Perhaps checking where I came from may be done by detecting if the website was reached by clicking a button or link on another website. Is it possible for the browser to detect this without inserting anything into the web page code? )

You could see a group of websites with the repeated times you visited them.

You could annotate with a remark about the website or group of websites. and you can vote on the website's usefullness and give a "weight" to each keyword.

In the app settings you could set rules of what not to save or store, and you can show websites that are advertised and perhaps were visited because of that. So you can separate them from your other content and delete them at will.

You can see websites revisited that were deleted in the past, so they can be deleted again.

Then you can easily find what you did and what the context was, sort sites by date visited and view when and how many times you visited a site.

And since it's your data, you can save it many years back (since you started using the app) and search by ranges of dates and periods for that lost website you saw many years ago, and what it lead you to then.

You can get a list of passive watched youtube vids during which you were asleep or brain dead.

Then of course the results would be used for bettering our AI and the next generation of searches and artificial speech.

Of course it will be secure and private, and people will sign that they understand that their privacy may be hurt if somehow the site is broken into or the information compromised.

Its a site for people who aren't that uptight about their privacy and use Google email and docs anyway.

pashute, Nov 18 2020

I still want this... Celebrity_20Browser_20History
[hippo, Nov 18 2020]


       Doesn't Firefox already allow you to share your browser history across multiple devices, if you sign in ?
8th of 7, Nov 18 2020

       Yes, I thought Google/Chrome shared your browser history across devices too (clearly just an excuse to harvest your browser history and lots of other data about you to sell to advertisers)
hippo, Nov 18 2020

       Interestingly, post GDPR and the Californian equivalent, harvesting personal data is almost a toxic exercise now.You're bound only to use it for the express purposes agreed to by the user at the point of use, and failure to keep it securely could well lead to fineage and censure. Whether you relinquish all rights whenever one of those new service agreement popups comes around or not would take an army of lawyers to determine, but it's a safe bet that what much of it is all about. In a way, those laws could serve to pull the ladder up behind the established players who have working and legally agreed contractural relationships already with their cattle, while new players would have to wade through a fair amount of legalese to get to the same place. TikTok have probably done a fair job though, in that regard. Could that be the state sponsorship perhaps? (beware, unsubstantiated rumour).
zen_tom, Nov 18 2020

       protect personal data = consolidate the abuse of personal data in the hands of government and a few cronies.   

       This is industry standard terminology now.
spidermother, Nov 18 2020

       It seems I already bunned Hippo's idea way back when.
pashute, Nov 19 2020

       I'm talking about an app or add-on that stores the data and allows me to annotate it, group and connect the websites to topics I was working on, categorize the websites, tag them with keywords, and since it's my data, it allows me search by date and period, from way back when in 2021 before the invention of the biomem where bees memorize information for you and write it out in honey.
pashute, Nov 19 2020

       I just edited to clarify the diff between the current available history from browsers and the myBrowserHistory.com
pashute, Nov 19 2020


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