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My first search engine

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My first search engine, is a program that acts as a pictorial version of 20 Questions. It is installed on a touchscreen.

There are multiple different abstraction, based on skill level of baby or child.

Baby: Single sheet of multiple common objects/concept, showing and speaking name when clicked. All are icons representing concepts. Each icon speaks when clicked.

Toddler: Upper half of screens shows search categories, and bottom half shows results found. Clicking top categories will narrow the results on the bottom half, and go down a category level for the upper half.

Child: Similar to Toddler mode, but is via words. Keyboard quick search could be implemented.

Adult mode: Goes to google with message "you can always change back if its too intense for you"

mofosyne, Jul 05 2014

20 Questions http://www.20q.net/
Play along - I tried thinking of a teddy bear... [zen_tom, Jul 07 2014]


       You're kind of behind the curve, here ...   

       Baby: touchscreen-driven icons   

       Toddler: Writes their own C++/Java/html   

       Child: Hacks into Google and sends them pop-up messages about how they're doing it all wrong ...
8th of 7, Jul 07 2014


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