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Name Wildcard

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Search engines should allow [NAME], which would be the same as " * " but would match any capitalized word that the search engine believes is someone's first name.

This will enable you to more precisely search for only pictures that have a person in them (e.g. "[NAME] ____ing"), and more accurately perform searches that you want in the context of a human being.

phundug, Sep 13 2007

Powerset's blog http://blog.powerset.com/
Powerset are trying to build a grammar-aware search engine. They're nowhere near actually exposing their sentence structure to searches, but are instead using it to give better answer to natural language queries - but they're at least on the same planet. [jutta, Sep 13 2007]


       I have found that searching with N* will narrow the search. Or, am I missing something in your idea?   

       Some sites will allow a N% search also.
Klaatu, Sep 13 2007

       Klaatu, phundug doesn't mean "words starting with N" - the N is just a placeholder for a general name. (Because Name starts with an N, you see.)   

       If search engines were to offer up opinions about parts of speech - which would be hard, specialized, but spectacularly entertaining - I'd rather be able to search for, you know, "{{proper noun}} has a fetish for {{indefinite plural noun phrase}}" or something like that.
jutta, Sep 13 2007

       Separate out the content search from the search term parsing, maybe. A search engine could usefully classify pictures whether they contained some limited set of high level classifications - people, landscapes, animals, maybe machinery or technology. Then simply provide check boxes for those few classifications.   

       You might also want color matching in there, too, another thing possible with current technology.   

       Btw, if you enter all the gerunds I can think of off the top of my head, you get mostly or only people shots back anyway. Oh, wait, "polluting" - only one first page people picture for that.
DrCurry, Sep 13 2007


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