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Myrical Visuals

Simply convert a few signals across a couple databases and do it in adaptive ways.
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This is an idea for a computer program so good, that it can recognize what a singer is saying. Now, this may be difficult. Chhoooobain... uhh... got this cough... In some cases, there are lyric sheets for the computer to help interpret the singing.

It takes these scentences, phrases, or lack thereof, and converts them into known and meaningful combinatorials of possible scentence structures. Images associated with the nouns in the scentence will be displayed. Modifications on these images may be performed upon various verb interpretations. Swirly trippy going-to-th-beat things can be encorporated with the images. The result will be a display which casts the music and meaning of a song in a single visualization.

Many will associate with this technology. They will think music has no meaning, or that it does but only in the artist's mind. These people will be the most uninterested in the artform. Others will believe that both art and life are entitled to several interpretations. These people will accept the myrical visualizations in general and perhaps even use it as a tool for artistic evolution, interacting with it in ever changing ways.

daseva, Mar 01 2007


       Christ that's spooky. I was just thinking the self same thing.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 01 2007

       WTF? Am I high?
Noexit, Mar 02 2007

       That's cos they sing in foreign.
wagster, Mar 02 2007

       You will see that cheating [Gummy] has provided the computer with lyrics sheets. I think bad voice recognition would throw an element of jazzy improvisation to the images chosed.   

       The images should be chosen new each time using Google image.
bungston, Mar 02 2007

       I just came here to post the same thing after listening to Neal Young singing about stars and birds and things. It just so happened that visualization on the Windows Media Player was set to: Battery / visualization. The visualization had star looking "plus signs" bursting all over the screen, as well as some bird looking things moving across the screen. Then it hit me... let's go to Halfbakery and see who has thought of this before :-)
Sunstone, Dec 03 2009


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