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Mirror Monitor

Natural Focal Distance Computer Screen
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Mount your monitor on the ceiling over your head at about a 45 degree angle. Mount a mirror on your desk where your monitor traditionally is placed, aimed at the monitor. Use software to reverse the screen image, or have this built into the monitor.

(inspired by a [madness] rant)

Worldgineer, Apr 22 2005

?siht ekiL http://www.alltoofl.../elgoog/m/index.cgi
[angel, Apr 23 2005]


       I'd be inclined to wear a crash helmet.
skinflaps, Apr 22 2005

       We'll let you mount it over the desk behind you.
Worldgineer, Apr 22 2005

       Considering who's behind me...where's the installation instructions-bun remains, (removes crash helmet and hides it so that it is nowhere near the desk behind me)
skinflaps, Apr 22 2005

       You'd only be able to look at the monitor from one position.
Basepair, Apr 22 2005

       How many positions do you need?   

       I guess you could set up a few mirrors, if you don't mind a bit of skew.
Worldgineer, Apr 22 2005

       Well, I guess it depends on what you're doing. But I tend to need to look at the screen while I'm doing stuff, rather than just sitting in front of it. And, if I want to show someone else something on the screen (as often happens), I don't want us to have to press our cheeks together in order to both see the screen.
Basepair, Apr 22 2005

       [World] Given that you have a computer and, presumably, a mirror - have you tried this (even sans reversing software)? (I confess, I haven't).
Basepair, Apr 22 2005

       No mirrors here. Don't know if I own a hand mirror - I'll check with the wife.   

       Oh, and seems to me that a simple swivel of your desk mirror would solve all but the 2-person issues.
Worldgineer, Apr 22 2005

       Hmmm. I just tried reading this page from six feet away, and it was not good. Of course, this may be because I have spent a lifetime about 18 inches from the screen.
Basepair, Apr 22 2005

       It's also because your screen looks smaller from 6' away. It would help to make the ceiling monitor much larger. Maybe even use a projection screen.
Worldgineer, Apr 24 2005


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