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Pantone rooftops calibrate Google satellite view

People paint their roofs with one defined color, then the software autoadjusts to true building chromaticity
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actually, painting roofs with a defined pantone color, then calibrating the satellite view colors is the obvious part. The other part is that the calibration roofed building would get millions of views online, permitting advertising or other amusement!

Also there could be an app, so you could make 49c a few tens of thousands of times.

beanangel, Sep 06 2016

Hey_20-_20that_27s_20me It may not seem like something new now, but ten years ago it actually was [xenzag, Sep 12 2016]


       This is needless. Instead, identify rooves of different colours on existing satellite views; send people out with a pantone card set to identify the Pantone shade of those rooves. Job done.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 06 2016

       Brilliant! +
csea, Sep 06 2016

       Rooftop Google Earth advertising is a good idea though
hippo, Sep 07 2016

doctorremulac3, Sep 12 2016

       The problem with rooves is that they change color. Bleaching. Wetness. All of that. There must be identifiable landforms that are always the same color.
bungston, Sep 13 2016

       Sunlight angle. Satellite's viewpoint.   

       Satellite imagery calibration patterns exist. You can see them if you look around on Google Earth/Maps enough. I remember seeing one in China (IIRC) posted to /r/whatisthisthing. I don't know if they use them to calibrate color, though.
notexactly, Sep 20 2016


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