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NO you have no friends

reasuring message from phone companies for lonely lonely people
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for people who's phones get no messages at all in several hours. A special message from their phone company telling them: not to worry their phone isn't broken they just aren't getting any messages because they haven't any friends, to GET OVER IT and stop checking their damn phone.
mt33, Oct 17 2002


       For a small fee, connect them to the voice mail box of some other random lonely person with the same "problem".
half, Oct 17 2002

       <response to a now deleted call for deletion>   

       Seems like it's an idea for a subscription service to provide phone messages to people who crave the affirming nature of phone messages. I don't see it as a rant, myself.
bristolz, Oct 17 2002

       Come on [yama], cut the guy a little slack, they're new here. There is the germ of an idea , even if its presentation is a bit rant-ish.
8th of 7, Oct 17 2002

       I feel kind of badly for this new person.   

       We'll be your new friends, won't we nice people of the bakery. (But I am too cheap to call you.)
blissmiss, Oct 17 2002

       [Nick@Nite] so why you not getting any email ?<g>
po, Oct 17 2002

       I would rather recieve no calls whatsoever. I don't like the phone.. It's evil.
lazloquezos, Oct 17 2002

       "I don't like the phone.. It's evil."   

       Agree. Completely.
bristolz, Oct 17 2002

       sheesh, allright, mfd withdrawn. No offence meant by it, either.   

       Oh, and what Bristolz and lazloquezos said.
yamahito, Oct 17 2002

       lightweight [yama] <g>   

po, Oct 17 2002

       You get emails from po offering to let you watch her showering naked with her friends!? Not Dipsy, LaLa and Tinky Winky? (perhaps they got drunk: Tipsy, DrinkyWinky and LAaLaaaLAAAA..)
yamahito, Oct 17 2002

       no, we discuss the evils of drink, yama. particularly sloe gin which eats the brain from the inside out...
po, Oct 17 2002

       Aren't there already solicitors to call you when you're bored (or, more commonly, when you're eating)?   

       //I don't like the phone.. It's evil// You must be a Sprint customer too...   

       Sloe Gin.. now *that's* evil!
Mr Burns, Oct 17 2002

       Sometimes, evil is *goood*.. >:D
yamahito, Oct 17 2002

       Start a evil/good telephone company   

       Egvoiold..'merely a cursed blessed call away'
skinflaps, Oct 17 2002


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