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Invisible Texting

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Bluetooth earpieces allow people to talk on cell phones without an actual cell phone being visible. I propose something similar for text messaging. Transparent thimble-like devices worn on the fingers project a hologram where your cell phone would normally be, and allow one to type without the use of a physical touchpad.

Sent and received messages will be projected in red laser light directly onto the palms from a small receiver worn on the chest.

The result? Everyone will be walking around tapping their thumbs - on nothing.

phundug, Jan 23 2013

Reminds me of this one... http://search.dilbe...type%3acomic&srt=24
[RayfordSteele, Jan 23 2013]


       My cellphone would normally be in my pocket. I need to wear a laser on my chest? Thanks, but I think I'll stick with my old school $20 dumb phone.   

       My boss perpetually sends me texts via his smart phone speech-to-text gadget - I'm amused by the idea of him wearing a laser and thimbles, but I'd wind up having to debug it for him periodically.
normzone, Jan 23 2013

       ah [nz] but think of the Dilbert points you'd accrue if you managed to convince him that he'd have to defoliate his chest to get it to work right.
FlyingToaster, Jan 23 2013


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