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Mobile Phone Spam Filter

So obvious it must be baked somewhere.
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I've had this idea rattling around my head for the best part of a year and haven't posted it because I thought that it must exist. A little research into mobile phones and a few googles later and I'm starting to think it may not. It's a pity because it's really easy.

1) Create a mobile phone with multiple address books: contacts, news feeds and spammers.

2) Create multiple inboxes for text messages: contacts, news and unsorted.

3) Get the phone to filter text messages into the appropriate inbox depending on which address book contains the source number for the message.

4) Allow the user to configure different (or no) beeps for the different address books.

So, I can put all my friends in 'contacts' and set the phone to beep when it gets a message from them.
I can put my mobile phone service provider and any news services I subscribe to into the 'news' folder and set it not to beep, but to show me on screen that I have messages (after all there's probably nothing urgent they'll have to tell me).
Unlisted numbers (which will be 99% spam and 1% people who I've given my number to but who aren't in my address book yet) will go into 'unsorted'. Finally, when trawling though 'unsorted' for new friends, I can look for frequent spammers that make the list more difficult to filter, put them in my 'spam' address book and get any message from them instantly deleted.

st3f, Dec 22 2004

Vodafone's spam filter http://www.cellular...om/story/9068.shtml
Works on their network rather than on a phone. [st3f, Dec 22 2004]

<Shameless plug> I_20am_20Spam_2e_20_20Spam_20I_20am_2e
Or you could subscribe to our service. </sp> [ato_de, Dec 23 2004]


       Most Nokia's (certainly the 6210 and it's ilk) allow you to set profiles and groups. You can divide your contacts into say 'Work', 'Friends' and 'Family' and set up behaviour profiles such as 'OnThePiss' (Work and Family are diverted to voicemail, Friends ring loudly), 'AtWork' (Work calls ring, Family call ring quietly, Friends to Voicemail) etc. Don't know how this treats incoming texts because to be honest I couldn't be bothered to set up the whole shebang properly, but I imagine it would go some way to doing what you want.
wagster, Dec 22 2004

       I have a 6210. It doesn't filter text messages. I know of other phones that can group and change ringtone for voice. They can't filter text either. Hence the idea.   

       It's possible that there's a phone out there that can do this (and I'd be interested in knowing if there is), but blind assumption, because the idea's simple, that someone has implemented it doesn't help.
st3f, Dec 22 2004

       It doesn't? That's ridiculous and earns you a bun.
wagster, Dec 22 2004

       Thank-you kindly. [Eats bun]   

       Actually, while I was digging for this idea, I found that vodafone has developed a spam filter for mobile phones. It resides in the network rather than on the phone, so I would have though that anybody who complies with their terms and conditions and pays them some cash can still send you advertising on your phone. [link]
st3f, Dec 22 2004


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