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Reply-paid Text Messaging

Suck the cash out of those generous boffins...
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I am a part of that generation that is umbilically attached to their cellphones. I can think of dozens of people who easily send 50+ text messages in a week. For the majority of us, ticksting costs 20c a pop. Hence I sometimes feel a little guilty to expect my friends to pay out everytime I want a stupid question answered. Or more likely, my friends have no credit (we are all pre-paid) on their phones, from sending the latest 'guess who did what with...', AASCI pr0n, and 'my parents are away and I have the house to myself...', around in bulk.

The obvious solution to these annoyances is reply-paid messaging. I include a code in my text, or a prefix on the number I dial, that indicates to the system that my account should be charged twice, but to allow the receiver of my message one free SMS reply.

[I know it's only my first time, but I think this is among the greatest ideas I have ever had.]

rdbartlett, Jan 21 2004


       A fine idea. I have one particularly annoying friend who gets x-hundred free texts with his package and delights in asking dumb questions and drawing out text conversations unnecessarily. I'm no expert, but I suspect the SMS protocol might not be able to handle this too well.
Fishpig, Jan 21 2004

       very interesting idea, if it could work!   

       send an electronic top-up card to your friend as a gift?
po, Jan 21 2004

       Nice first idea, welcome to the bakery. (WTAGIPBAN)
krelnik, Jan 21 2004

       It makes sense. welcome to halfbakery!
nomadic_wonderer, Jan 21 2004

       This is one of - if not *the* - greatest idea you have ever posted here. Welcome, [rdbartlett].
k_sra, Jan 21 2004

       [po] you can already do something very similar to that, here in New Zealand at least. When you top up by credit card or bank card you can direct the credit to any number on the network.
rdbartlett, Jan 21 2004

       thats why I said it, silly rdb :)
po, Jan 21 2004

       Great idea, and it gets us closer to the ideal that all SMS's should be free...
cFish, Jan 27 2004

       [rdbartlett] spot on. + excellent idea. This is a good example of adding value to the user and the network. [the network after all, would get increased traffic and thus revenue. Better still, if you had an expiry time on the reply element, then the network could charge without having to network the reply]   

       [cFish]. Service providers make *far* too much money from us for SMS. % of their bandwidth, it's their most profitable service they provide. There is no chance it'll ever be free. Whilst there is a market, they'll charge. The first provider that doesn't charge will either go under quickly or steal huge market share - they'll have to be brave.
jonthegeologist, Jan 27 2004

       genius, unmitigated genius (+).
neilp, Jan 27 2004

       Let me make that 27 (+)'s fer ya.   

       First idea? Well, thats a damn fine idea. Im interested in whatever else you have....
KLRico, Jan 27 2004

       I like it a lot... but even though I am part of that same generation, I find it eaasier to call then text, mainly because I call and talk for several hours. + for you because it's a great idea for people who do use their text messages.
theonecalledzil, Jan 27 2004

       Yup - might be a bit tricky to implement, but it sure as hell makes a lot of sense. Welcome to the Halfbakery, rdbartlett, and keep 'em coming.
lostdog, Jan 27 2004

       have another one...hope you're not on atkins
buddymatt, Jan 27 2004


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