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NYC Rat detective

Replace the rats, keep the cheese
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I now have learned that todays society has become more jadded and less impressed with todays brand of rat. I believe this could be detramental to our rat population swilling in the cities. I have taken time to watch some rats running through the streets and somehow something appears to have changed in their stride. In years gone by, rats seemed to have some value to the common working man. the rat would be respected for living on as the man tried to keep him down, thrived in a workplace environment where most would give up and look for new opportunity. But today the real rats don't posses that kind of glory. I believe we need to replace todays common rats with a new breed of genetically altered super rat beast that will give the rats their lost respect and admiration. Maybe a combination of bovine growth hormone and McDonalds special sauce, (to be named at a later date, and usda approved). The rats may be a little larger, a little meaner, but darn it, they deserve their place in the sun along with the venerable cockroach and ph
spalding, Jun 27 2000


       I think this is a great idea, but do we have an excess of clothing to fit these rats? It would be damned shame if all the childrens clothes ended up on the rats and we had a shortage of clothing for our children. Just a thought.. We would need to plan ahead for something like this.
vincenzo, Jun 27 2000

       I believe we could cloth the rats in body suits made out of a combination of lycra and sewn pig skin
spalding, Jun 27 2000

       Oh no! Oh no! A blackmarket will develop for the Special Sauce Bovine Growth Hormone, which will work only to a minor degree on humans, but imagine the potential if they can get the still-lingering bitter aftertaste out of the formula that even the Special Sauce can't disguise...
Allrighty, Jun 27 2000

       Why 'detective'?
hello_c, Feb 01 2002

       Maybe the rat has changed, but only as much as the common man has changed. Like all commensurals, the rat & the city human are locked in evolutionary sync. I'm all for giving rats dignity if some might rub off on their hosts, but I'm not optimistic.
pfperry, Jun 30 2002


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