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Non Pedigree Cat Sanctuaries

Preserving the non-breed cat breed in England
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Breeders tend to not breed non-pedigree cats for sale simply because they don't fetch as good a price.

Most pet owners who don't intend to breed their pets have them neutered.

Rescue centres often neuter any animals they have before rehoming them these days.

If the odd documentary I've seen is to be believed there are apparently animal welfare charities that make a habit of catch and release of strays in locations that have large feral populations for the express purpose of neutering them to reduce the population.

Put that together and we are liable to see a dramatic reduction, possibly an existential one, in the number of ordinary non-pedigree cats (as apposed to cross breeds which just aren't the same thing at all).

And the ban on third party sales a couple of years back (meaning profesional breeders, who will only be likely to breed more valuable pedigree cats, are pretty much the only reliable source of new cats now) can only exacerbate this potential trend.

The traditional non pedigree domestic cat is as much a breed unto itself as the Dingo.

Extinction for this non pedigree breed in England may not be far off.

We must act quickly to prevent this.

Sanctuary zones where well meaning animal charity welfare workers are banned may be the only way to save them.

Perhaps the national trust can be persuaded to add terms to their Lake District tenant farmers contracts requiring them to have breeding pairs of unneutered farmyard cats .. that (along with a bounty on charity workers caught sneaking onto their properties to neuter the animals, and perhaps an ammunition allowance?) might do it.

Skewed, Mar 21 2023




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