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NYSE Coaster

Ride the market.
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Flexible joints allow a reconstructable track, one that can be reshaped daily. Fluctuations from the New York Stock Exchange provide the track layout, and thus the track, a straight line, follows the closing value each day. Crashes provide thrills.

Cars alternate between bulls and bears.

WordUp, Aug 16 2004


       Now at Six Flags, Black Tuesday!
thumbwax, Aug 16 2004

       "Why is the ride closed?"

"It's a bear market - we're having to move it over there, onto the slopes of that very steep hill"
hippo, Aug 16 2004

       I understand the basic thrill of the two-dimensional NYSE (or any other index) roller coaster as you'd see depicted on the pages of your daily newspaper. But why not add a third-dimensional whipsaw action (in and out) on both the upgrades and downgrades to truly reflect and properly magnify that sickening feeling as your financial future wheels giddily out of control? You could correlate the ins and outs to the hourly movement of the market, and the ups and downs to the daily results. Or, if you're more of a purist, correlate the lateral movements with the breadth of stock shares being traded at any given hour.
jurist, Aug 16 2004

       "What's all that vomit on the ground under the rollercoaster?"

"Always happens in volatile market conditions..."
hippo, Aug 16 2004

       You'd get a big hill at roller coaster stocks.
harderthanjesus, Aug 16 2004

       So, where does it stop?
destructionism, Aug 16 2004

       Where the buck stops.
harderthanjesus, Aug 16 2004

       This was sort-of halfbaked (as an Enron/EPCOT joke) in an episode of the Simpsons from January 2003 titled "Special Edna".
krelnik, Aug 16 2004

       Christopher Weyant had a cartoon in The New Yorker 9/6/1999 that shows a huge roller coaster labelled, in lightbulb-studded letters, "The Day Trader".
jutta, Nov 27 2004

       I tried to make something like this in NoLimits, a roller coaster simulator. It made it through, but the G-Forces would kill you at some points.
Nemmy, Apr 11 2005


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