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Off the rails roller coaster

Roller coaster flies off the track at final death-plunge
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An ordinary wooden trestle roller coaster...with one twist. At the end, that last big stretch, the track falls away in the distance, an alarm bell goes off, and the carriage plunges to the ground and is smashed to flinders. No, wait, plunges toward the ground and is somehow caught on a heretoafore hidden guide rail that smoothes out the ride and brings the carriage to a safe and gentle halt.
cloudface, Oct 20 2004

Testing the Cloudface Coaster http://www.ultimate...nt.asp?contentid=39
Ooh, soooo close. [jurist, Oct 21 2004]


       Absolutely priceless if the //death-plunge// at the end was totally un-advertised, except in whispers, rumours and incomprehensible maddened babbling and shrieking from previous riders.
vigilante, Oct 20 2004

       Or if it did it just some of the time.
bristolz, Oct 21 2004

       A kind of Russian Roulette Rollercoaster, bris? Interesting...
lostdog, Oct 21 2004

       The beginning of some late 90s scary movie (The House on Haunted Hill, maybe) had a coaster that did something similar.   

       The operator would send a car full of dummies through periodically, and the track would split and send that car crashing to their "death," as those behind it on the track watched.
swamilad, Oct 21 2004


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