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N.A.W.C.H. (north american west coast halfcon)

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I would like it if every last one of us could meet.

Not gonna happen I know, but meeting at least Some other halfbakers would be good, and we can't let those East coasters have all of the fun can we?

If anyone would like to try for a West Coast halfcon this summer I promise to bring enough gum so that everyone can have a piece and if you, yes you, come, I won't arm my orbital annihilation ray.

(let's see we've got bribery, extortion, cajoling, and flattery) <wonders if it will be enough>






Please tell me that's not crickets I'm hearing.

Well, if we're going to have an I-dude-arod, I'd bet my money - http://amazonswim.com/main.php
- on this guy. Slow site, but he's a water puppy. [normzone, May 20 2007]

Henderson Island 2007 World HalfCon http://maps.google....&q=Henderson+Island
[nuclear hobo, May 27 2007]

Other isolated places http://www.gsfc.nas...es2004/20050128.htm
Some may be perfect for a WorldCon [neutrinos_shadow, May 28 2007]

Chicxulub Crater http://en.wikipedia...ki/Chicxulub_Crater
[nuclear hobo, May 29 2007]

QE Park Map, Vancouver, BC http://www.city.van..._queenelizabeth.pdf
The disc golf course is at the bottom right-hand corner. No, the other bottom right. [Canuck, Jun 15 2007]

Exploratorium http://www.aspacnet.../exploratorium.html
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jun 27 2007]

QE park http://s68.photobuc...rrent=VanCon025.jpg
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jun 27 2007]

For some reason the avatars wouldn't look at the camera http://s68.photobuc...rrent=VanCon020.jpg
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jun 27 2007]

Boogers and lesions and warts, oh my! http://s68.photobuc...rrent=VanCon026.jpg
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jun 27 2007]

Where http://www.delancey...enterrestaurant.php
As recommended by jutta [Canuck, Sep 21 2007]

Musee Mechanique http://www.museemechanique.org/
Suggested by jutta. Bring quarters. [Canuck, Sep 21 2007]

(?) Recent [csea] http://www.imagesta...c-email-AlbumInvite
As Charles said, he's the chap in the top hat. [Canuck, Sep 21 2007]

BIG nickel http://www.bigthing...ntario/sudbury.html
[Canuck, Sep 21 2007]

Green Tortoise http://en.wikipedia...wiki/Green_Tortoise
"Parts of some trips are reportedly clothing-optional." [Klaatu, Sep 22 2007]

Pictures of the NAWCH in SFO http://myleftgonad.blogspot.com/
This is NOT a porn site. [jutta] is the easy one to spot, she is the only one without facial hair.) [Klaatu, Sep 28 2007]

Shortcut to Pix http://myleftgonad...._09_01_archive.html
This link should help shortcut your search for 9/27/2007 Half-Con photos. Wish I had been there. [jurist, Jul 30 2008]

Fair to everyone http://en.wikipedia...guous_United_States
[Klaatu, Jul 30 2008]


       Barring the usual constraints (health, work, money) I'm very interested. I know that you're up north with the sled dogs and I'm down south with the surfers.
normzone, May 19 2007

       That sounds like an idea brewing to me.
It's coming...it's

       Sufrboard pulling dogsled teams swim the length of the West Coast starting in California. The finish line is when they touch American soil again once they've reached Alaska.   

       I call it the I-dude-arod.   

       If there was an autoboner, I'd say they've been here. Or it could just be a side effect of the play on words.   

       We could do a virtual halfcon - different people in different locations could do a teleconference or some such thing.
normzone, May 20 2007

       I'm in Vegas for the next ten days if anyone's about...
wagster, May 20 2007

       Almost asked "business or pleasure" and decided not to take the risk. OK, I'll ask.
normzone, May 20 2007

       Well, this EastCoaster would come out west if the time frame would fit into my erratic schedule!
xandram, May 20 2007

       Pleasure, Norm. I'm obviously not in the right job.
wagster, May 20 2007

       Let's see, they taught us way back when that you need to cover the 5 W's, so let's check the list.   

       What? a N.A.W.C. Halfcon.
Who? not the band but potentially a group of halfbakers.
Why? Because some of us might be too lazy (or ineligible) to travel to a foreign country to share a cold pop or a warm tale with close friends we have never met face-to-face (surprisingly, dour customs officials seem to have never heard of the Halfbakery).

       So it's the final two we need to nail down.
Where? and When?

       I live in a suburb of Vancouver and I know it can be an expensive city to visit (I don't think there's enough time left in this decade for me to clean out my back bedroom to accomodate a guest). I'm partial to anywhere I can drive to rather than fly, although our fuel prices are getting ridiculous (up to $1.30 Cdn per litre). So that kind of limits my suggestion for the Where to be British Columbia or Washington, maybe Oregon (but I don't know if we'd find any host bakers there).   

       As for When, I'm pretty flexible. Give me at least a week's notice and I should be able to free up enough time off work to attend.   

       To sum up, and to quote Al Jolson, I'd walk a million miles for one of your smiles, which in my case means I'm willing to go to modest lengths to find out what a *typical* halfbaker looks like.
Canuck, May 20 2007

       My summer's a bit crazy, including plenty of travel and plans. But if it works out, I'm in.   

       Though I agree with half about this being somewhat difficult. If we all started driving toward each other at freeway speeds, it would take well over half a day before the crash.
Worldgineer, May 20 2007

       speak for your elf.
po, May 20 2007

       Norm, that guy in your link is nuts.
I like to swim but, holy crap.

       A tele-conference would work for anyone techno-savy enough to participate, (not quite there yet myself, by a long shot), but I don't know, there's something about an actual meeting that, (just my opinion) strikes a chord that a virtual halfcon wouldn't...
and besides that, it's kind of like Schrodingers cat; until I see with my own eyes that other halbakers actually exist then there is a possibility that I'm typing on a non-existent keyboard in a padded room with my toes while the straight jacket chafes or that you are all UnaBubba. : )

       Worldgineer said, //Though I agree with half about this being somewhat difficult.//
Did Half chime in?
I've been gone for a couple of days and don't see an anno from him.
I'd have to say that most things worth doing Are difficult.

       I like the idea of meeting in Vancouver but I’m biased as it is only a few hours away. I’ve started the process of obtaining a passport so I’d also be up for a trip into the States if that’s what works best (still in mild shock that we need a passport to go shopping across the border now).   

       Like Canuck I can take time fairly easily with a week or two’s notice, so for me it just come down to "where".   

       I think it is awesome that you would try to come all the way from back east Xandram, I haven’t been able to make it out that way in years even though most of my family is back in Ontario.   

       <pictures [csea] jumping up and down>
pertinax, May 22 2007

       I'm game for a US West Coast halfcon, though I'm recently (semi)retired, and have used up most of my travel budget for this year.   

       I have relatives on Orcas Island, WA, and may get up there sometime this year, and used to live in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA, north of San Diego. A trip to the LA area sometime this Fall is possible.   

       The SF Bay area seems to be the logical geographic center, and I would be happy to help put together an event in this area, but no sooner than August, maybe better in the Fall.
csea, May 22 2007

       //<pictures [csea] jumping up and down>//   

       [pertinax], Sorry for the multiple pre-postings! I'm a fairly large guy, you may not like to see me jump!
csea, May 22 2007

       No need to apologize - it just looked funny. :)
pertinax, May 22 2007

       //close friends we have never met face-to-face//   

       Isn't it better that way? Much less chance of being disappoinrted ...
nuclear hobo, May 23 2007

       My understanding from reading up on past halfcons is that they are set up as a rather flexible event designed to last maybe a couple of hours so as not to monopolize participants' time in case they are on a family outing or holiday. Those who have little time have a built-in excuse for an early exit while the hard-core party-folk can boogie till the cows come home.   

       For example, I might suggest we meet on July 1st (Canada's 140th birthday) at 7:00 PM in White Rock, just north of the Canada-US border, in the White Spot restaurant beside the Semiahmoo Mall. Since it's fairly quick 40-minute drive from home I could be there for dinner at 6 to greet any early arrivals, yet linger over dessert, tea, a digestif or two for those who like to be fashionably late.
Canuck, May 23 2007

       I wouldn't expect anyone to make plans around me, but I will have free time in Aug. I can do San Fran, or anywhere up the west coast-- or if we get some passports, I do think Howard would love to come to Vancouver. When you guys decide, I'll see if we can make it. (2 fries is one of my most special 'bakers!)
xandram, May 23 2007

       You could collectively build a steam ship and pop over to London for a ice lolly and a pint with me and a few others.
skinflaps, May 23 2007

       Wouldn't mind meeting Mr. Fries, but think he might be talking about something pretty far north.   

       I'd try to make the L.A. trip to meet [csea]. (By the way C., I just heard that I got a friend's 5 and 8 year olds hooked on "Truck Drivin' Man")   

       [normzone]'s in reasonable driving distance from here. I could probably do that.   

       Have met [Worldgineer] and would attend another halfcon to hang out with him for another few minutes.
half, May 23 2007

       //I just heard that I got a friend's 5 and 8 year olds hooked on "Truck Drivin' Man")//   

       [half], Cool!   

       I recently suffered an Outlook (LookOut!) crash, and lost your email address.   

       Our next FWI concerts are June 9 and 16. The website isn't yet updated about the CD, check next week or so. I'd be happy to send you one in exchange for something of similar value.   

csea, May 24 2007

       //I will have free time in Aug. I can do San Fran, or anywhere up the west coast-- //   

       [xandram] or down? I'm north of the Golden Gate, but may get to the LA or SD area in August.   

csea, May 24 2007


       I guess that's Jutta's security check to make sure that you're not just another of my many would-be stalkers. :-)
(Actually, I'm not entirely sure she'd remember my real name either.)

       I looked for your email address the other day to share that tidbit with you, but couldn't find it. I think I remember your work email, but sounds like you might not be there regularly these days. I've posted an address on my profile. I haven't been vigilantly checking that account for a while, but will watch for the announcement. (Email me and I'll give you an address that I don't advertise on internet forums. Helps keep the squirrels away.)   

       I would like to make one of the concerts in person. It's probably not in the cards, but I'd sure like to. Maybe I'll surprise my wife with a trip up there. Haven't been around there since the late '80's when my dad lived in the area.
half, May 24 2007

       [csea] If I plan a trip, it will be a vacation for us. Theorically, I could go up, down, or sideways, but one of my main objectives is to meet [2 fries]. I must say that I haven't even mentioned it to my s/o yet and have the feeling he would opt. for Vancouver. If anyone decides on anything, just post it and they will come.
xandram, May 24 2007

       //Wouldn't mind meeting Mr. Fries, but think he might be talking about something pretty far north.//   

       Have gum, will travel.   

       [Xan] is that special as in K, or as in Olympics?   

       Main Entry: 1spe·cial Pronunciation: 'spe-sh&l Function: adjective Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French or Latin; Anglo-French especial, from Latin specialis individual, particular, from species species 1 : distinguished by some unusual quality; especially : being in some way superior <our special blend> 2 : held in particular esteem <a special friend> 3 a : readily distinguishable from others of the same category : UNIQUE <they set it apart as a special day of thanksgiving> b : of, relating to, or constituting a species : SPECIFIC 4 : being other than the usual : ADDITIONAL, EXTRA 5 : designed for a particular purpose or occasion - spe·cial·ness noun   

       I'm thinking like #'s 1,2, and 4. [x]
xandram, May 24 2007

       whatever! he's lovely!   

       mmmm fries...   

       he can cement my tiles any day
po, May 24 2007

       <blushes furiously>
<mumbles something incoherently>
<goes back to work>

       <singing and pointing - 2 fries has a girlfriend, 2 fries has a girlfriend - ad infinitum>
<scuttles back under rock>
Canuck, May 25 2007

       So, the only time frame that is out of the question for me is the last two weeks in August.   

       There's a country song somewhere in that anno. City of the fallen angels would be ideal for me.   

       I can see this is a challenge, especially given our lifestyles and constraints. Perhaps a northern, central, and southern held simultaneously.   

       Of course, the next logical step would be a World Con.
normzone, May 26 2007

       I nominate NYC as host for the World HalfCon.
nuclear hobo, May 26 2007

       I was thinking Bakersfield would be appropriate, but it's so hot there in July & August, and it's so far from Canada...   

       Then I thought of Mt. Baker, and aside from the unfortunate possibility that someone would use it as an instruction
<for example: 1. Holster weapon. 2. Stuff Baker. 3. Mount Baker.> or worse, it works on so many levels. It's easy to find, it's close to the border, it's green and cool, there's plenty to see and do, it doesn't cost a lot.
Canuck, May 27 2007

       At this point, I have all of August free and had been planning some sort of vacation for that time period. I'm not that fond of LA, but if that's what everyone agrees on, I could maybe work it out. [normzone] might have it right with a N, S and central-con. If no one decides on anything concrete in the next month, I might just go to New Mexico...
but I still would like the SanFran area as I have a friend around there I could visit.
xandram, May 27 2007

       //I nominate NYC as host for the World HalfCon// - NY is no good anymore - lost its edge and is as dull as dishwater now, and besides, it needs to be a world capital - I nominate the caravan rusting away in my back garden.
xenzag, May 27 2007

       I nominate Henderson Island as the location for the next (first?) World HalfCon.
nuclear hobo, May 27 2007

       London seems appropriate.   

       Should there be some kind of competition for the World Half Con, kind of like for the Olympics?   

       (evaluates San Diego's mass transit, scientific community, security forces, weather, etc)
normzone, May 27 2007

       London is the centre of the universe - everyone knows that.
po, May 27 2007

       Only for a few aging bluebloods. Physics has now demonstrated that the universe is expanding in all directions, making *everywhere* the center.
nuclear hobo, May 27 2007

       blood is blue - everybody knows that.
po, May 28 2007

       Unfortunately I agree with [xenzag] about NYC. The only fair way to pick a spot for a WorldCon would be to find a place where there are NO halfbakers, then we all go storm the place. (Russia?)
xandram, May 28 2007

       The Galapagos Islands seem appropriate for some reason.   

       How about Chicxulub, on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico?   

       Scientists believe that an asteroid 10 to 20 kilometers (6 to 12 miles) in diameter produced an impact basin there some 65 million years ago, causing massive climatic change that resulted in global temperatures plunging to near freezing. Half of the species on Earth became extinct including the dinosaurs.   

       Seems to me this is the perfect place for a World HalfCon. Good for surfing, too.
nuclear hobo, May 29 2007

       Back to some semblance of reality (sorry!), I also like [Canuck]'s idea:   

       >Then I thought of Mt. Baker, ... it works on so many levels. It's easy to find, it's close to the border, it's green and cool, there's plenty to see and do, it doesn't cost a lot.   

       I stopped there on the way back from Orcas one summer, and it was quite nice.   

       And [xamdram]'s idea:   

       >If no one decides on anything concrete in the next month, I might just go to New Mexico... but I still would like the SanFran area as I have a friend around there I could visit.   

       I was born in NM, but I'm not sure NM is considered "West Coast."   

       [po] is clearly the center of the universe, but not too close to the Left Coast...   

csea, May 29 2007

       oh honey, I know NM isn't the West Coast, I was just being a jerk! It would be hot there in August, but SanFran would be just right.
xandram, May 29 2007

       One of the advantage of having a RL get together is that we will have an opprotunity to excibit and give demostrations of our ideas, much like a science fair.
the great unknown, May 29 2007

       I'm not planning on building a ScrubBot prototype.
normzone, May 29 2007

       hey, thanks jutta for restoring everythang!
po, May 31 2007

       Yes, thanks much. Don't ever think your work goes unappreciated. Maybe underappreciated...
normzone, May 31 2007

       what [po] and [normzone] said
pertinax, May 31 2007

       If any of you Vancouver-area HB'ers would like to convene, that sounds swell. Gosh, a book or a video game or something could result. I can't imagine even a few minds like ours getting together without causing some kind of lucrative, wildly-imaginative content. Maybe we should hire someone to take notes.
Ander, Jun 01 2007

       Times three.   

       Oop! [Ander] beat me to the punch by seconds. Howdy.   

       Which unlucky idea had to be deleted in order to stich'er back together jutta?   

       //a few minds like ours getting together without causing some kind of lucrative, wildly-imaginative content// usually involves beer and crisps in this part of the world. ;)
po, Jun 01 2007

       yay! I've been having withdrawls for a couple of days...
xandram, Jun 01 2007

       //Which unlucky idea had to be deleted in order to stich'er back together//   

       Something to do with jam. <runs away screaming>
skinflaps, Jun 01 2007

       I'm in for a Vancouver meeting. Like [Ander] said, we really should have someone take notes!
TIB, Jun 02 2007

       I'll be in Vancouver from the 23'rd to the 25'th. I've got that Sunday free if it's good.   

       That weekend's fine with me. Since I'm the host, so to speak, I'll buy the first round, as long you're not driving.   

       And I should have just enough time to fully heal up from the 'typical halfbaker' makeover cosmetic surgery. Aww, who am I kidding? I can't afford that! You'll just have to take me as I am.
Canuck, Jun 03 2007

       [rbl] is supposedly over here (UK) at the moment but he should be back by the end of the month.
po, Jun 03 2007

       Pardon my asking, but which month are you speaking of concerning the 23-25th? I keep reading the posts, but still can't figure it out...duh, June?
xandram, Jun 03 2007

       Heh. I had the same problem. Yes, 2 fries is speaking of this month, June 2007.
jutta, Jun 03 2007

       Thanks, [jutta] are you following me around the 'bakery? oops, I'm following you.
xandram, Jun 03 2007

       Oops, my bad. I meant this month. I've got to get my littlest fry to a doctors appt.   

       When I emailed [rbl] I got the impression that he isn't up for a get together.   

       Hey, hope the little fry is OK.
If we ever decide on a vacation, I might post an East Meets WestCon...
xandram, Jun 03 2007

       Now that would be a thing.   

       Little fry is awesome, it's just a yearly check-up with a specialist.   

       not the impression I got, 2 fries. hoping to meet him wednesday week.
po, Jun 03 2007

       That's good to hear about Little Fry.
So, will this be primarily a Canadian 1/2BaCon? (sorry, couldn't resist)
xandram, Jun 03 2007

po, Jun 03 2007

       Well, if only 2 of us make it I was tempted to call it a con-duo-minimum, but I thought better of it.
Canuck, Jun 03 2007

       I vote for Spokane, WA. Big city amenities, small town traffic (zero, non-existent, none, despite the fact that we have a traffic report every 10 minutes on the morning news).   

       And I live there. But it is centrally located in the greater NW (5-6 hours by car from Portland, OR, 4.5 hours from downtown Seattle, one day drive from Calgary. 15 hours road time from Bay Area, CA)   

       I'd be happy to host, even have a guest room.   

       I'd try to make it to any other event between Portland and Vancouver, but we have a bunch of camping trips this summer, and so far all dates mentioned are no good for me.   

       Anyway, just my thoughts, carry on, and have fun, if you do meet anywhere.
oxen crossing, Jun 07 2007

       C'mon o.c., you know you wouldn't be seen at a halfcon.
half, Jun 07 2007

       [oxen crossing], I'll see your Spokane WA hosting and raise you a San Diego CA hosting.
normzone, Jun 07 2007

       //C'mon o.c., you know you wouldn't be seen at a halfcon//   

       Says who? Just because I made it to one but still couldn't find it? I've since learned how to actually use my cell phone.
oxen crossing, Jun 07 2007

       //I'll see your Spokane WA hosting and raise you a San Diego CA hosting//   

       I could actually make that. Just name the date, I'll be there. I just have to divorce my wife, lose custody of my kids, and probably end up in Austin Texas, but I always wanted to see Austin.   

       She might boot me anyway if she finds out I've been back to the HB again.
oxen crossing, Jun 07 2007

       I said you wouldn't be *seen* at a halfcon. I didn't say you wouldn't show up.   

       (Okay, I did say that but that was before I rewrote my annotation to take advantage of that oh-so-clever pun)
half, Jun 07 2007

       Since 2 fries has recently been having some access issues, I'll jump in here and bring you an update.   

       It is a well-documented fact that 2 fries will be in Vancouver next weekend so we have decided to have a pre-NAWCHalfcon mini-con. On Sunday June 24th we will meet at the Disc Golf Course at Queen Elizabeth Park (see link-o). Official tee-off (is it still called it a tee-off in disc golf? Neither of us has played before) time has yet to be determined but should be near lunchtime. Why disc golf? Why not! Besides, on a clear day you can see Mount Baker from here.   

       Since I'll be sort of like the host here I'll pick up the green fees for any and all who are interested and available to attend. This event is strictly BYOFD, and who knows what we'll do if it rains, but there you have it.
Canuck, Jun 15 2007

       Hey, my Ex-boss has a disc golf course and I've played that before, (not that I was any good at it)--but have fun and I will miss being there, so fling one for me.
xandram, Jun 15 2007

       any room for brand new half bakers?
CaptainClapper, Jun 15 2007

       looks at watch - 10.30 King's Head, Tooting?
po, Jun 15 2007

       <checks plane schedule> can't be done :(   

       (Dallas, TX to Heathrow, tomorrow: $1,500)   

       (although, the opportunity to drink with a fellow half baker: priceless)
CaptainClapper, Jun 15 2007

       wednesday? me and dub? you know Tooting?
po, Jun 15 2007

       sadly, no, I don't know it -- I have a great aunt or some such (whom I've never met) who lives in Bath... outside of Bristol, I think. But, I've never been to the UK.   

       Can't make it on such short notice.... give it about a year, and I'm there :)
CaptainClapper, Jun 15 2007

       Have a few rounds while you're waiting, [po].
pertinax, Jun 16 2007

       Thanks Canuck.
Is it next weekend already? Wow, time fries when your halving fun.

       Hello. So guys, we are waiting for a report and some photos...
and disc golf scores, what you had for lunch...
xandram, Jun 25 2007

       We did manage to get some flinging of discs done between rain showers. 2 fries has the photos, nobody kept score, and we had Subway sandwiches for lunch. And we took a moment to remember bris.   

       Disc golf is harder than it looks, especially when, like me, you haven't touched a frisbee for more than 5 years. Now I understand why they sell so many different types of specialty discs for golf (On one site I went to they had around a dozen different models). 2 fries is a man of many talents, but I don't think he'll be leaving it all behind for the Pro Tour any time soon.   

       While the Con-Duo-Minimum could have used more participants, we still hold out hope for a full-fledged NAWCH later this summer. 2 fries mentioned he was thinking of taking the whole fry clan to Southern California soon. I'm quite mobile, within reason. We both said it'd really cool if jutta would attend, so we kicked around the possibility of a California HalfCon. When would something like that work out best for most folks?
Canuck, Jun 26 2007

       Has jutta ever attended a halfcon? That would be so cool.
xandram, Jun 26 2007

       I've got a few weekends free in August at this point, and would be happy to help organize an SF Half-Con.   

       Possibly meet at the Exploratorium? Or if the number of participants is reasonable (4-8), y'all could have a half tour of the SF Bay on my boat.   

       Half Moon Bay is nice, too. I could whip up some half-bay-curry to share(?)
csea, Jun 26 2007

       The ExplOratorium [link] sounds great csea. My wife, daughter and I had a great time at Science World on the weekend, and if it's anything like that, it's really worth the visit.
(the theme this time was Gross-ology)

       We didn't get back until almost midnight last night and with getting unpacked and winding down after the five hour drive I've been running on fumes all day. I would have posted the pics [link link and link]this morning, but I was too much of a zombie.   

       I had fun, and while I shouldn't speak for Canuck I got the impression that it wasn't like walking on broken glass for him either.   

       Neptune ate my Frisbee.   


       <aside> You know that feeling you get when you hear a word pronounced aloud that you have only read?
It's kind of like that, when you speak with another halfbaker for the first time and hear HB words and monikers verbalized that you've only heard pronounced in your head for years.
Kinda surreal if that's the right word.

Picture 1: QE park in Vancouver...beauty eh?
Picture 2: [Canuck] right, [me] left, and the avatars of three others who wanted to come but weren't able to.
Picture three: My daughter on the wart-wall.

       Yup. We've always wanted to take the kids to Disneyland and dadgumit that's what we're gonna do.   

       Sounds like you had a great time. (I can't believe you've never shouted out "baked" at least to yourself) ;)
...not really poking fun at you, that was a wonderful way to express your delight at meeting another halfbaker.
xandram, Jun 27 2007

       Glad to hear of (and see pix from) the great northern NAWCH, anyone still interested in getting together in the SF Bay in late August/early to mid-Sept? I'm starting to get booked up. Time to pick a date/place.   

csea, Aug 02 2007

       I will be in Seattle this weekend for the Seafair Hydroplane races. If there are any Puget Sound area halfbakers wanting to put together a mini-con I would be available Friday evening or on Sunday after the races are over.   

       I really like the idea of a Bay Area NAWCH and I'm sure I could find a way to make it work. Charles, all we need is some gung-ho type to step up and lead us all to the promised land (or maybe Petaluma?).
Canuck, Aug 02 2007

       //maybe even setting a new world record.//
...for the biggest croissant ever made or the most *nuts* gathered together in one place?
xandram, Aug 02 2007

       I have cause to revive this idea, having just booked my elf on one of those relocation cruises, wherein cruise ships that have been doing the Vancouver-Alaska route all summer (here in the northern hemisphere) head south for the Caribbean and such for the rest of the year. The cruise ship companies try to eke out a little income to cover their costs by offering very cheap fares.   

       To get to the point, our ship, the Norwegian Pearl, stops at the Port of San Francisco on Wednesday September 26th, docking at Pier 30/32 from 10am until 6pm. That's just long enough for me to either emulate Tony Bennett and leave my heart there, or more preferably get to meet a halfbaker or two (t'would be heavenly if jutta could drop by - what's the protocol, would I call her your highness?). Shirley there are numerous places near the docks where we could rub elbows with some salty seafaring types (or not) as we speculate what moniker UnaBubba is using this week and whether po's hair colour is natural. I'll be there, will you?   

       <BTW, I mentioned cheap up above, but before I sign off I just want to make it very clear that I am not cheap; I'm thrifty. Thank you.>   

       Edit: I forgot to mention I'll supply the gum if 2 fries can't be there.
Canuck, Aug 29 2007

       i'll send my california sister. wish i could come. : )
k_sra, Aug 29 2007

       I should be able to make it. If the weather is decent (as it should be in late Sept,) I'll come by boat to South Beach Marina, a reasonable walk from Pier 30/32.   

       Thanks for choosing a day/location!   

       Maybe we should have a large mylar helium balloon made in the shape of a halfbakery fish/bread, to assist in finding a meeting place.
csea, Aug 30 2007

       I will SO be there in spirit.
Please take pictures.

       OK, now I'm confused and I think we're going to need help from a local on this one. The cruise line literature talks about docking at Pier 30/32, but when I google that I eventually get something called the Bryant Street Pier Project, a brand new, state-of-the-art cruise ship facility which has been put on the back burner. Google Earth photos show an empty pier at Pier 30 but for several rows of trailers.   

       Until I see a copy of our actual itinerary I'm not certain where we will tie up in San Francisco. Stay tuned for further developments.
Canuck, Aug 30 2007

       ...some year soon we want to go to Seattle...
xandram, Aug 30 2007

       //Spokane, Washington//   

       I used to have a major client there, but we only ever communicated via phone and email. Hmm... I wonder what could be wangled.
pertinax, Aug 30 2007


       //OK, now I'm confused and I think we're going to need help from a local on this one. The cruise line literature talks about docking at Pier 30/32, but when I google that I eventually get something called the Bryant Street Pier Project, a brand new, state-of-the-art cruise ship facility which has been put on the back burner. Google Earth photos show an empty pier at Pier 30 but for several rows of trailers.//   

       I'm not exactly an SF local, despite living in the area for 18 years. I have been by the Pier 30/32 landing recently while going on a commercial tour of Alcatraz. At the time, there was a cruise ship docked (don't recall which line.)   

       The Queen Mary II docked there recently, and I took some pics from the water at a fair distance. Didn't relish being too close!   

       The Bryant Street Pier Project is indeed on the back burner, as best I can tell. When I Googled the address, I found an inland office, not the cruise ship dock.   

       Have no fear, the natives are friendly, and will help you to find where you are going. The Embarcadero is fun to see, and there is a frequent bus running its length.   

       There are several public parking lots nearby for those coming by land.
csea, Sep 01 2007

       Thanks, Charles. I wasn't so much afraid of being stranded in unfriendly territory but rather wanting to be sure I wasn't halfway to the airport when my ship set sail.   

       So, my ride will be parked at Pier 30. Arrival time is 10am and I will turn back into a pumpkin if I'm not back on board before 6pm so I could do brunch, lunch, mid-day snack, afternoon tea, an early light supper or simply a cold pop or two. On Google Earth I see something called the Delancey Street Restaurant close by so I guess that's one possibility. Let's hear some suggestions, people!   

       <I am sorely tempted to make assorted and sundry piratical references since I'll be aboard a ship called the "Pearl", but from the photos I have seen it hasn't got black sails, it's not crewed by the damned, and I don't believe the captain is a man so evil that Hell itself spat him back out. At least I hope not. At my age it keeps getting more difficult to buckle my swash>
Canuck, Sep 02 2007

       The Delancey Street Restaurant was good last time I was there. Of course that was around 7 years ago, so it might have changed.   

       You're right near a Muni station, which can take you to a thousand interesting places by the time you need to leave. But then it's been 4 years since I've lived in California so I'm not sure I have any useful venue recommendations. Greens is a fabulous restaurant that's an easy muni ride (+ a few block beachfront walk) away, but it may be a bit too expensive and vegetarian for some. (and sorry I can't be there)
Worldgineer, Sep 05 2007

       Does your ride stop at San Diego at any point?
normzone, Sep 05 2007

       Our ship leaves Vancouver on 4pm on Monday Sep 24, stops in SF from 10 til 6 on Wed Sep 26th, then docks in LA (San Pedro, actually) on Fri Sep 28th at 8am. And that's all she wrote. Short but sweet, and in my price range!
Canuck, Sep 05 2007

       OK, here's the latest update, as condensed from the short-lived, soon-to-be-departed Son of NAWCH (it will live on within my hard drive).   

       Next Wednesday, which is September 26th, there will a gathering of halfbakers at the Delancey Street Restaurant in San Francisco at precisely 12:30pm, more or less.   

       The restaurant is located on the Embarcadero at Brannan Street, right beside the Brannan Street transit stop. When I took a peek using the Google Maps Street View I saw a green and white awning along the entire front of the restaurant so it will be hard to miss. (Strangely, Delancey Street is actually one block away). I will make sure not to wear my green & white shirt to avoid being invisible.   

       As of this anno we will be a trio. I [Canuck] will be there, and both [csea] and [jutta] have confirmed their attendance. For those who cannot make the 12:30 rendezvous, we will follow up our repast with a little culture. No, we're not going for yogurt, but rather a visit to the Musee Mechanique (see link) around, say 2-ish. After that, who knows? As long as I'm back at Pier 30 in time for 6pm departure so I don't turn into an illegal alien.
Canuck, Sep 21 2007

       [moved due to popular acclaim]   

       //(Let's hope that csea is well rested and I can get more conversation out of him than the last time I tried.)//   

       Well, I can't promise to be well rested, but I do converse more readily in person than on the web...   

       I dimly recall visiting the musee mechanique back in about '89, was pretty cool! I'd like to see the new venue.   

       [canuck] No offence taken. :) //funny-coloured Canadian money// - are Canadian nickels still made of nickel? I used to be able to tell the difference with a magnet. I also somewhere have a Canadian $2 bill - really causes disconcertation down south!   

       p.s. I prefer sugarless gum, better for the teeth! I am otherwise omniverous.
csea, Sep 21 2007

       Our fabled $2 bill has been replaced with a $2 coin which would be even more confusing. Our $1 coin originally came out with a picture of a Common Loon on the face, so it was called the Loonie. Naturally, when the $2 coin came out it became forever known as the "Toonie".   

       Now there's serious talk of minting a $5 coin, but I can't bear to think what it might get called. The old joke in currency exchange circles used to be "What do you call a Canadian two-dollar bill? One US dollar!" My, how times have changed.   

       Apparently the Canadian nickel is now the same alloy as the US nickel. (Speaking of nickel, see the link)   

       <edit>The idea "Son of NAWCH" has received the ultimate fishbone. Sorry for any inconvenience. If you want your annos back, please let me know.
Canuck, Sep 21 2007

       I am so tempted to drive down for this that I checked the estimated time out on map quest and the drive one way is 18 hours give or take.   

       My family is still planning to take a trip down that way, but even I'm not crazy enough to drive thirty six hours for lunch.   

       Damn close all though.   

       Google maps tells me that this is "587 mi – about 9 hours 16 mins" from my doorstep. Since I need to make a trip to University of California at San Jose to drop off some artwork, I may be able to work this in. I'll set my GPS for 37.784770, -122.387890 [+]   

       [21 quest] if you can make it to 44.797890, -122.792960, maybe we can carpool down? No e-mail in your profile, my website has my e-mail listed.
Klaatu, Sep 21 2007

       [Klaatu] I noted your interest in flying; are you a pilot, do you have access to a private plane? You could meet up with [21Quest] and land at one of the airfields in the Bay area, drop by for lunch, and still make it to CSU San Jose (no UCSJ?)
[2 fries] //I'm not crazy enough to drive thirty six hours for lunch// Well then, just how crazy are you?
[k_sra] // i'll send my california sister. wish i could come. : )//
She'd be welcome if you've briefed her on the nature of halfbakers!
csea, Sep 22 2007

       I am nine cats mad.
They are imaginary, which raises eyebrows when I pet the one on my lap while planning to take over the world.

       [csea] Yes, I am a pilot but due to medical issues I am now grounded. I will be watching the planes flying flying GPS Direct as I slowly cruise down I-5 for hour-after-hour. So, anyone needing a ride from the Pacific Northwest can hitch with me. Sort of a 4 passenger Green Tortoise <link>.
Klaatu, Sep 22 2007

       Hmmm. "I was simply petting the imaginary cat that's in my lap. Can't you see it?"   

       I'll have to remember that one, 2 fries! But then I suppose minions and lackeys will believe anything.
Canuck, Sep 23 2007

       [21 Quest] if you paste those coordinates into google maps, it will take you to my front door. As far as pop-ups, my website has Ø pop-ups. I'll e-mail you off the 'bakery.
Klaatu, Sep 23 2007

       Speaking of annoying advertising, I've added a link to the bottom of the index page to increase the chances that even users who don't hang out in Halfbakery: hear about this. Yell at me loud enough and I'll take it down.
jutta, Sep 24 2007

       I think it would be wise for one of us to make a reservation at Delancey Street for our get-together, perhaps as the "Baker" party?   

       Any volunteers, jutta?
Canuck, Sep 24 2007

       [2 fries] I don't think your Austin powers will work in SF!
csea, Sep 24 2007


       // Yell at me loud enough and I'll take it down.//   

       If I yell loud enough, will you (temporarily) change it to a bigger font? At close range, I can yell in excess of 103dB SPL! I'd hate for anyone to miss the HB event of the year.
csea, Sep 24 2007

       [canuck] //Our ship leaves Vancouver on 4pm on Monday Sep 24// Bun Voyage!
csea, Sep 24 2007

       Too mainstream?   

       OK, we have a table for Baker, 12:30.   

       As for the planning and the driving or flying - I'm sure there will be other meetings in other places. The last time I hung out with a bunch of halfbakers was in London. So, take it easy, and if you're travelling somewhere, do what Canuck did and just let people know so they can come to meet you.
jutta, Sep 24 2007

       Too late.   

       Save me a seat.   

       Too late to make any changes. Ogopogo and I are carpooling down. See you all there.
Klaatu, Sep 25 2007

       I'm really sorry to have missed this get-together. I lost track of this thread back in May, and unfortunately made conflicting plans to fly East tonight to spend the balance of the week with a few halfbakery friends there. I do hope you all have a wonderful time, and I look forward to being personally included at the next west coast halfcon. Those of us who are attending the southeastern mini-half-multi-con will raise a toast of champagne in your honor. A votre sante!
jurist, Sep 26 2007

       Good to see you here jurist, I'd wondered as to where you had went..and yes have a goodun folks.
skinflaps, Sep 26 2007

       "Vote for Santa". (William Gibson)
normzone, Sep 26 2007

       [bigsleep] Then you are still in line for the delightful read of his latest, "Spook Country".   

       "A votre sante" is "to your health" in French. Gibson uses the misheard version in the book you will now go find and read 8-)
normzone, Sep 27 2007

       //A votre sante!// [jurist] //"Vote for Santa". // [normzone] = Parallel construction.   

       The N.A.W.C.H. (north american west coast halfcon) was held earlier today, and I was pleased to meet Jutta (again!) She reminded my dim elf that she had attended a recent FWI concert, and after considerable introspection, I recalled her gracious presence. [note to self: pay attention!]   

       The sumptious luncheon was followed by an SF streetcar ride terminating in our attendance at the Musee' Mecanique.   

       More eloquent descriptions and photos will no doubt follow from other attendees.
csea, Sep 27 2007

       Me: "Hi, I'm Jutta.
Klaatu, 2 fries, Canuck: "Oh! For a moment, we thought you're Djudduh."

       Good times. The restaurant was decent, and the company simply amazing. I still can't believe you drove all the way out to California, but I'm glad you did.
jutta, Sep 27 2007

       I'm so envious and this last anno has stood since this morning...I'm waiting for pictures, reports, whatever...
It does sound like you had a good time and there are some 'bakers in *baker heaven* right now and/or they are still driving home.
xandram, Sep 27 2007

       It's 5:00 here and I just got in the door. Yay!   

       That was well worth the road trip. I'd do it again...but not anytime real soon.
At least not until the toothpick scars from propping my eyelids open heal.
The conversation and company was stimulating and you all should know that maddam bakesperson was charm personified, I wouldn't have missed it for my sanity.

       Hmmm, fifty hours on a few hours sleep.
I go bed now.
'night all.

       //I'm waiting for pictures, reports, whatever...//   

       Your wish is my command <link>.   

       [2fries] and I arrived at my home some time after 03:00. I have to thank [2fries] for driving the last part as I had to take my medication which meant I could not drive. Hell, I could hardly talk!   

       What a great time! Was it worth the drive? All I can say is that [2fries] made a great traveling companion and the rest of the œbakers we met were the best.   

       We took the time to query everyone's background and I came away from that feeling that the œbakery is made up of very diverse and interesting people.   

       Next time, we need to gather a "wee bit" farther north. I dreaded [2fries'] (additional) 9 hour drive from my house.
Klaatu, Sep 28 2007

       //"Vote for Santa"// [marked-for-tagline]
csea, Sep 28 2007

       Thanks for sharing [Klaatu]always nice to put a face to a baker.   

       Looks like a good time was had and that's one hell of journey! +
skinflaps, Sep 28 2007

       [Klaatu] Many thanks for sharing *your left nut* with us! Great photos showing the trip back and forth and all the 'bakers plus *her majesty* herself. <bows>
xandram, Sep 28 2007

       hob must have been 11 when he registered here, jutta's looking fabulous. who's the little guy?
po, Sep 28 2007

       //who's the little guy?//   

       That's [gimpo], he doesn't usually say much here lately. He finds out Monday if he can still be a part of the œbakery for much longer. He prefers "vertically challenged" to being called "little". He used to stand taller, but it's hard standing tall with a walker.
Klaatu, Sep 28 2007

       Yes, I know it's been 4 days since the NAWCH, but I'm suffering from boat lag.   

       <Realizes nobody's buying it>   

       OK, the cruise reached LA as scheduled. In fact there were 3 cruise ships simultaneously unloading passengers which made for very crowded conditions, so crowded that we were shuffled through a large tent rather than the quaint little Pacific Cruise Ship Terminal.   

       After a night's stay in Anaheim and an uneventful flight home Saturday evening I finally made it back to my place yesterday. This is my first opportunity to report from my point of view.   

       The first thing I noticed was the fabulous weather in San Francisco. Sunny and warm, two of my favourite words in the English language. The second thing was the lack of steep hills, at least where our ship docked. I was grateful for that.   

       When I arrived at the restaurant the first familiar face I saw was that of 2 fries, which was so totally unexpected that my first words to him were "You're completely insane!". He introduced Klaatu whom I would have taken for one of the employees but for his black shirt (sorry, Klaatu). As we speculated who would arrive next, a slender young (compared to us) woman walked in and introduced herself as (if I may) "Yoota". 2 fries and Klaatu were confused. I, on the other hand, immediately recognized the correct Germanic pronunciation of Jutta (it probably helped that I have a nephew whose significant other is named Justa - think "yoosta").   

       As Jutta implied earlier, the boys seemed clueless, but I was tongue-tied. Many times I had practiced what I would say to Jutta at our first meeting but the words became a jumble. I was relieved when we were shown to our table.   

       csea arrived not long after we were seated, and hob made it while most of us were having dessert, but I think everyone had a great time at lunch. I'm usually quite reserved around new people, but I felt very much at ease with this group of friends. In fact, I had to take my leave and hurry back to the dock. I arrived on board the ship with less than 8 minutes to spare!   

       I am eagerly looking forward to attending the next half-con that happens within my reach.   

       (edit) I almost forgot to thank the folks who made this special afternoon happen: 2 fries for having the idea in the first place, and Jutta for making the arrangements that brought us all together.
Canuck, Oct 01 2007

       I'm glad that your trip was a good one. Look me up the next time you are in the Okanagan.   

       Make sure to bring your tool belt. : )   

       Maybe to be fair to the North American bakers, we could have a halfcon in Lawrence, Kans-ass. <link>
Klaatu, Jul 30 2008

       Ha, bring it!
daseva, Jul 30 2008


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