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NYC Benfrosticon

Dec 8, 2006, 6:00-9:00 pm
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Complete with illustrations.

At Ben Frost's gallery opening at The Arm, 281 North 7th Street, Williamsburg. On the subway, it's Bedford Avenue - either the first or the last stop on the L Train in Brooklyn, depending on whether or not you're going in the right direction.

DrCurry, Nov 08 2006

Don't try this at home http://i23.photobuc...rk/INVITE_CONAN.jpg
[DrCurry, Nov 08 2006]

Ben Frost's other works of art http://www.halfbake...om/lr/user/benfrost
[hippo, Nov 08 2006]

subway map http://www.mta.info/nyct/maps/submap.htm
to map one's route subway-wise [pigtails_and_ponies, Nov 14 2006]

Pictures http://petersealy.m...com/photos/album/16
...courtesy the one person who actually showed up. Apart from Ben. [DrCurry, Dec 09 2006]


Shz, Nov 08 2006

       Does that connect to the Northern line?
skinflaps, Nov 08 2006

       what time?
pigtails_and_ponies, Nov 08 2006

       No, there's no service to Bedford Ave on the Northern Line; you have to connect. Change to the Piccadilly line at either King's Cross or Leicester Square (depending on which branch of the Northern line you're on), then change at Heathrow Terminal 1,2,3 for a shuttle to the A train at Howard Beach. Take the A to Broadway Junction for the L to Bedford Avenue. Note that Oyster cards are not accepted on the A or L trains and there is a separate fare required for the shuttle between Heathrow Terminals 1,2,3 and Howard Beach
mab, Nov 08 2006

       Damn. I'm living in Rochester now. Closer :)
DesertFox, Nov 09 2006

       mab? <rubs eyes>
po, Nov 09 2006

       Desertfox, Rochester NY?
Chefboyrbored, Nov 09 2006

       what time?
pigtails_and_ponies, Nov 11 2006

       So this idea has attracted a bone - and could the anonymous wee shite who put it there kindly explain their motive?
xenzag, Nov 12 2006

       bliss: you're always welcome.
pigtails: time added, 6:00 pm on.
DrCurry, Nov 12 2006

       I don't understand. Where's the debate? Where's the angst and tormoil of decision? Where's the world wide search for the perfect locale? Where, I ask, where?   

       BTW- I would love to be there but I don't think my wife will want to leave the area in case she pops. Please have a drink for me and have fun!
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Nov 13 2006

       Pops? *thinks* Oh, so... your wife is inflatable or pregnant? Congratulations either way! Well, one way.
imaginality, Nov 13 2006

       Just to set you straight- wife is pregnant, girlfriend is inflatable. I run a respectable household, thank you very much.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Nov 13 2006

       ...as in Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World", where the attractive women are descibed as 'pneumatic'. Hope it all goes well [NTSS].
hippo, Nov 13 2006

       //Desertfox, Rochester NY?//   


       I go to RIT now.
DesertFox, Nov 14 2006

       NTSP: we did the angst and suffering and missed connections thing last time around - sorry you missed it! However, I think you should bring your wife along. A live childbirth would be perfect for a Ben Frost opening, and a great story to tell the kid when s/he grows up.
DesertFox: Well, hop on the train then! (Amtrak, that is, not the L.)
DrCurry, Nov 14 2006

       Directions from Penn Station? - Just in case...
Shz, Nov 14 2006

       [Shz] from Penn Station, take either the blue line (A,C, or E subway) or the red line (1,2,3, or 9) downtown to 14th st. There you can switch to the L. Get off at Bedford Street, first stop in Brooklyn.   

       I'll link a subway map
pigtails_and_ponies, Nov 14 2006

       This will be a stupid question but is this in london? Being a gritty Londoner myself these days it would be good to get out of the ghetto I live in and go somewhere else besides Oxford street   

       Oh and I also gave it a fishbone....just for kicks and to see who will have a go at me, i do love a good fight :)
Mind_Boggle, Nov 14 2006

       what is it about NYC that you don't understand?
po, Nov 14 2006

       Neasden Youth Club?
calum, Nov 14 2006

       ah, I thought it was familiar.
po, Nov 14 2006

       Norwood Young Conservatives, no?
jtp, Nov 14 2006

       Thanks [p&p]!
Shz, Nov 15 2006

       A reminder that this is this Friday - hope to see you all there! Or not.
DrCurry, Dec 05 2006

       DrCurry, I would have loved seeing this and learning a little more about halfbakery people, but it didn't work out for me. I just travelled the night before and it would probably take me about three hours to get there from NJ, maybe longer at rush hour.
jmvw, Dec 09 2006

       You have to suffer for art. (Or maybe that was beauty?)   

       *Very* disappointed blissmiss didn't make it.
DrCurry, Dec 09 2006

       Sorry I missed this. I'm always a fan of anything Frostian. Loved the idea name as well, if only for the associations it conjured up.   

       "With the Decepticons finally defeated, peace now reigned over the Earth. Optimus Prime, his duties done, donned his comfortable slippers and sank back into the arms of his favourite armchair.   

       'Nice work, Boss,' said Bumblebee as he laid the tray of toast and tea before his victorious leader. Optimus simply smiled, finally settling upon 'Celebrity Love Island' as he idly flicked through the cable channels.   

       Breathing a beneficent sigh, he picked up a slice of toast and buttered it. Without taking his eyes from the flickering television screen, he reached for the innoculous-looking pot of jam, utterly unaware that he would soon have a new force to reckon with..."
lostdog, Dec 09 2006

       woof. x
po, Dec 09 2006

       Lovely images, wish I could have been there. Someday, I'll get back to the right coast.   

       Dr. Curry reminds me of - well, Dr. Curry. But Ben Frost reminds me of Joe Jackson. High praise, coming from me.
normzone, Dec 10 2006

       lostdog: you should have seen it when he transformed from a Nissan Sentra!
normzone: It's the hat - he's not as tall.
DrCurry, Dec 10 2006

       Could it be possible....? Could the halfbakers in NYC arrange to meet one fine Saturday afternoon, sometime soon?
senatorjam, Apr 21 2009

       I'm in NY and would love to meet any fellow Half Baker in this area
senatorjam, Apr 22 2009

       I rarely have time, but I am in the neighborhood as I'm just a 20 minute train ride out of NYC, so this would be cool.
MisterQED, Apr 23 2009

       Just re-found this. I'm very close to NY all the time. Are there any other halfbakers willing to meet up this spring in the city?
blissmiss, Apr 24 2009

       What would be another suitable event to meet at for an HB group?
MisterQED, Apr 24 2009

       Lunar or Solar?
blissmiss, Apr 25 2009


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