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N.P.R. silencer

You need this!
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How many times have you been sitting in front of your PC trying to get some work done ,or get your game on, and been stuck with an ear full of Back Porch Music! Not any more! This specially designed ceramic cover insures that you will never need to lesion to "Odd, I be leaving to die in the morning my God, in a miner way" again!
Weasel 16, Apr 23 2007

fox blocker http://www.engadget...26/the-fox-blocker/
I thought it might be something like this. [jaksplat, Apr 23 2007]


       You better make sure there's holes in it, or you'll suffocate.
lurch, Apr 23 2007

       I consider myself smarter than your average rock and frankly haven't a clue what this means. Any Help?
jhomrighaus, Apr 23 2007

       [+], on the possibly false assumption that you're tired of hearing co-workers listen to NPR all day.
Hunter79764, Apr 23 2007

       Maybe you mean listen?   

       lesion n. 1. A wound or injury. 2. A localized pathological change in a bodily organ or tissue. 3. An infected or diseased patch of skin.   

       There is a relationship between NPR and Voice of America (global U.S. propaganda radio) that listeners should be aware of.
nuclear hobo, Apr 23 2007

       [-] This American Life is syndicated on NRP.
ColonelMuffins, Apr 23 2007

       I like criticism, but you don’t have to make fun of me.
Weasel 16, May 01 2007

       Thank you for explaining, [nomocrow]; now I can do this [-] with confidence.
pertinax, May 01 2007

       No one is making fun of you.   

       Your idea, however, is fair game.   

       Your idea is to escape bad radio by hiding under a gigantic flower pot. Yes, I get it.   

       Bone. Easier to simply turn off the radio.
elhigh, May 15 2007

       Making fun of you would be suggesting that if you go to such lengths to avoid NPR shows, you may be a closet liberal.   

       But since I really like the idea of having and hiding under a giant flower pot, I'll change my vote to +   

       I would rather terra cotta than ceramic.
nomocrow, May 15 2007

       I'm pretty sure I wrote something bad about this idea, but it seems to have been deleted. It looks like other annos may have been deleted, also.   

       Delete the idea if you don't like the comments, [Weasel].
baconbrain, May 16 2007

       Everytime I see this I have to check in to see what kind of NPR firearm the NPR silencer will screw onto, and what possible need for such a thing there could be, since I haven't become aware of any NPR assassain squad or other such thing.
normzone, May 16 2007


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