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Mix and Match Radio

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Ananlogue radio has the ability to send information signals to your receiver, for example the RDS traffic system. Digital radio can send more complex commands.

Mix and Match radio is a radio receiver attached to an MP3 player programmed with your favorite music. You can then tune into your favorite Morning DJ who will do his/her usual chat links, but instead of playing a record he'll send a signal firing up a track from your MP3 collection.

This way, if you enjoy a hard fast news delivery you don't have to put up with limp biscuit between each bit of talk. Similarly, if you love loud music you can now replace the vacuous babble between the tunes with something more informative.

Analog version: Music 'on' tone fires the MP3. Music 'off' tone fades the MP3 as the broadcast recommences.

Digital version: Music 'on' carrier signal is sent with information as to the planned 'gap' length. The Mix and Match system the chooses an MP3 with an appropriate duration to fill the gap.

In a nutshell, the listener can choose the style of music and the style of presentation to create your perfect breakfast blend. Radio stations would also win out because they would save millions of pounds (as an industry) in PRS payments.

Fishrat, Jun 15 2004

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       Nice. I sometimes do something similar (but entirely manually) with mp3s and shoutcast radio streams.   

       Presumably there'd still be adverts on commercial channels?
benjamin, Jun 15 2004

       Yes - if you want live presenters, you have to find a way to pay for them, their studios, their star guests' expenses etc. Although nobody likes adverts, they're essential for this reason. Any system which trys to let you listen without the ads is ultimately doomed because it will destroy the entertainment provider by starving them of revenue.   

       However, maybe the reduction in PRS costs could translate to much shorter ad breaks.
Fishrat, Jun 15 2004

       A combination of the ideas I've linked to...
phoenix, Jun 15 2004

       phoenix - it looks to me like you've identified five ideas using similar technology. The invention here is not the technology but the application. The invention is the idea that you can hear a live, relevent, compelling speech content (broadcast part) in a show which plays music which you've personally given a seal of aproval (local MP3 part).   

       This doesn't exist in the real world, and unless I'm being obtuse (again), it doesn't come close to being baked in any of your links.   

       Hey ho, life's too short... I'm off to chill out to a bit of Blink 182 on Classic FM.
Fishrat, Jun 15 2004

       The Smart Radio idea matches the intent (avoid unwanted radio clips) but not the specific technology (it's technologically agnostic). I'm sure it doesn't exist in the real world and I didn't say "baked", but I'd consider it halfbaked.
phoenix, Jun 15 2004

       No. Smart Radio gives you the music you want and removes the speech you don't want. Mix and Match Radio gives you the speech you want, and marries it with the music you want. Totally different. Am I not explaining it well?
Fishrat, Jun 16 2004

       I think you're explaining it fine (replace broadcast music with a different, personal selection). It's content replacement just like Smart Radio, though the content being replaced is different.   

       I inferred PVR to be part of the process and linked to ideas like that, but that may not have been your intent at all.   

       Feel free to delete the links. I generally post them so new users will see (what I consider) relevant prior art they might not think to look for before posting.
phoenix, Jun 16 2004


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