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Not-Request Radio

Not-request your not-favorite song
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Sometimes a listener's radio station selection is quite often based on which songs are NOT played, rather than which songs are played. Unfortunately, there are a lot of songs on today's radio that can cause you to quickly switch to another station.

Not-Request Radio works as an add-on to regular radio: a listener can still request a song as usual, or they can request that a song NOT be played. Typical not-requests would be like, "could you NOT play that new Jennifer Lopez song - my houseplants are suffering", or "could you NOT play anything with Ja Rule on it?" Now those who suffer have an option for recourse.

The top not-requested songs would be not-played for a corresponding period of time, in inverse proportion, i.e.:

# 1 - not played for 7 days.
# 2 - not played for 6 days.
# 3 - not played for 5 days.

Tunes that are particularly irritating enough may well be relegated to obscurity before being legitimately requested again. Since this would be a phone-in service, (utilizes existing infrastructure) not-requests would be subject to only the normal, expected types of fraudulent misuse associated with regular song requests. The purpose would not be to custom program listening selection for the user(s), rather, to trim the fringes of irritability from a station's format, thereby maximizing listenership.

xrayTed, Dec 31 2003


       stranger! whats the story?
po, Dec 31 2003

       stranger! than what?
xrayTed, Dec 31 2003

       + for the idea, but i'd rather just load up a CD changer with AD~DC. No problems with annoying crap.
whatastrangeperson, Jan 01 2004

       A local radio station announced "Now back to light rock favorites, 24 hours a day, but never Barry Manilow."
They never said why they have that rule.
Amos Kito, Jan 01 2004

       Radio 1 banned Status Quo from their playlist, saying that they were too far behind the times. Status Quo hired a huge truck with a PA system, and played a protest gig outside the headquarters of Radio 1.

       Sadly for them, Radio 1 had moved buildings three years before, to the other side of London, and the whole stunt seemed to prove how behind the times "da Quo" really were.   

       Radio stations spend a lot of time testing music on sample groups, representative of their audience, and songs which prove to be a 'turn-off' with them never make it onto the playlists.
Fishrat, Jan 01 2004

       I'm with you, strangeperson. just give me some more of that good ol' heavy metal. Frankly, I'm thunderstruck that there isn't an all ACDC station. It would be TNT, dynamite. The thought makes me hard as a rock. But, of course, it might not bring in all the money...you gotta listen to the money talk.
Eugene, Jan 01 2004

       How about regulating radio so that one company couldn't own every radio station in town, turning DJs into worthless figureheads?   

       I find that I don't really have this problem if I listen to local, independent radio that supports decent local music and caters to local listeners (there's really only one in my town), or put on a favorite CD.
disbomber, Apr 10 2005


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