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Nail-polish strips

For no-mess manicures
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Tiny fingernail shaped (or toenail-shaped for pedicures) pieces of glossy clinging plasticlike stuff in an array of colors that you press to the nail surface to apply and peel off to remove. Would be as pretty as liquid nail polish, with none of the mess or drying time. In sheers, creams, frosts, and sparkles. Apply more nail-gloss strips if you want additional "coats"
Sparki, Aug 06 2001

(?) Lee's Press-On Nail http://www.leepharm...cals.com/nails.html
All manner of press-on nail art kits [bristolz, May 12 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Peter, with ideas like this one + Victor's Secret + Hair Dessert..... I'm thinking [Sparki] is a New York City Drag Queen.....(not that there's anything wrong with that)...what do you think?
Susen, Aug 06 2001

       Nice idea, Sparki. You go, girlfriend!
1percent, Aug 06 2001

       Peter, no, these seem to be press on nail POLISH.   

       Could have partially transparent ones that would let you do a 3d effect when layered...
StarChaser, Aug 06 2001

       Aren't everybody's finger nails different shapes?
Mayfly, Aug 07 2001

       You could do something like this using a mechanism like those Tipp-Ex roller thingamyjigs.
-alx, Aug 07 2001

       I am not a cross dresser or a drag queen. i am a lady. I'm a lady who likes guys who like ladies.
Sparki, Aug 09 2001

       But are you a girl who likes boys who like boys who like girls, and I forget how it goes after that?
Uncle Nutsy, Aug 09 2001

       [ws] You know it's not really a secret...it's cotton.
Reverend D, Aug 09 2001

       I'm a woman who likes horses who like dogs who like men who like dogs who like horses who like women...but I also have a fondness for men who don't necessarily like horses or dogs but have the first name Bob and play music and write poetry and have a son named Jacob who also plays music and writes poetry.....wait, what was the point of this again?
Susen, Aug 09 2001

       What IS Letraset traditionally used for, anyhow?
Sparki, Aug 10 2001

       Peter, why just the TEEN set? Grown women may like this sort of thing too.
Sparki, Aug 10 2001

       Yes! I need a no-mess manicure! (not!)
El Pedanto, Aug 11 2001

       Uncle Nutsy — Good show! Those lyrics were always a Blur to me.
The Military, Aug 11 2001

       Maybe a nail polish which will only bond to fingernails. This way one could merely dip their fingers in the (suitably open-mouthed) bottle and then rinse.
bristolz, May 12 2002

       Or some chimical that changes the colour of kiatin (sp? the stuff nails and hair is made of)
dare99, May 14 2002

       exist already - but fall off.   

       Lancome also created a pealable nail polish but that looks to have been discontinued - I think it was a rubber compound that was designed to stay on for 1 day.   

       chemicals that change keratin - hair dye and peroxide!
kael, Jul 09 2003


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