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Traveler's Fingernail Clipper Box

To prevent the unpredictable spread of fingernail clippings
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When clipping fingernails, the trajectory of the clipping is largely unpredictable. Sure, if you have a handy sink or wastebasket that you can put your hands near, you can be relatively safe from rogue clippings, but there's always the possibility of a wild one shooting up and out of sight, only to be discovered much later, which is disgusting. Also, what if you're traveling and have no access to wastebasket/sink? Moreover, what if you have just woken up and need to clip your fingernails but are not yet motivated to get out of bed?

All you need is a small, collapsible, box with two holes for arms in one side, made of transparent plastic. Insert your hands into the box through the holes and clip your nails without fear of clippings shooting off into the unknown. The box can be emptied at your leisure and you never have to worry about finding bits of yourself on your floor again.

moustache_mcflanigan, Mar 30 2010

Catch-All Nail Clipper http://redlioncosme...=92&products_id=258
Dr. Parsimony has already focused his gaze on the problem of messless manicures. [swimswim, Mar 30 2010]


       //you never have to worry about finding bits of yourself on your floor again//   

       Henceforth precluding the tasty and serendipitous fingernail clipping snack. I begrudge this idea.   

       Toe nails taste like asiago ... or at least *mine* do.
MikeD, Mar 30 2010


       //Toe nails taste like asiago...//
... toenail grater.
FlyingToaster, Mar 30 2010

       Not a bad idea, [FT]. sometimes biting through those bastards hurts my teeth.
MikeD, Mar 30 2010

       What about a nail treatment that marinates and flavors?
rcarty, Mar 31 2010

       I have saved all my nail clippings over my life, now the surprise contents of my safe deposit box, to be revealed only to my grieving heirs upon my death.   

       I could have used one of these.  +   

       Another idea would be binocuclippers that allow you to view your toenails accurately and clip them without bending over.
Mustardface, Apr 01 2010


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