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Nail Press

Faster way to cut your nails.
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Insert your nails into the five slots, each with its own clipper, and press down once. All five nails cut at once!
halffinity, Mar 05 2009

Totally baked. http://www.timberto...ges-cutters-jig.jpg
just strap in, apply mineral oil, and pull the starter cord... [Smurfsahoy, Mar 06 2009]

Or are you thinking of this? http://www.conserva..._files/image003.jpg
But, you know, fingernail-shaped (just stick a groove into that hex nut, and the die is crescent shaped... [Smurfsahoy, Mar 06 2009]

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       [brevity] but you need a bit more on this one I think.
theleopard, Mar 05 2009

       certainly was fast!
po, Mar 05 2009

       Is it like a drill press? I can't imagine any device having this title that doesn't end in grievous bodily harm.
Spacecoyote, Mar 05 2009

       Faster? Who wants faster? Nuthin I love more than an evening spent watching the ole telly, lovingly picking away at the 'ole toeneails Luverly, just luverly.   

       On to another topic - why can I never keep any girlfriends?
marquisdenet, Mar 05 2009

       umm... press the keratin into shape, producing a thick nail supported by the fingertip as well as the quick, ie: claws.
FlyingToaster, Mar 06 2009


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