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Name that image

Game show contestants associate descriptions of graphics shown
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A processor heat sink, A maple tree, An elephant (Indian or African), a painting by Monet... As the pictures display on a screen (versus a written description), the contestants hit their buzzer and guess what the picture is. Easy to guess images could be made more challenging by zooming in or out on the object, or showing the object in a different color than normally seen. The contestant who gives the most correct descriptions of the images wins.

I'm thinking that this concept would have been tried before, but I can't find anything in a search. The closest thing I can think of is the "Guess what this is" challenge on "Ask this Old House." I suspect a Halfbaker will find this idea "baked" when hitting on the correct search words and synonyms.

Sunstone, Dec 09 2010

An example of the "guess what an object is" theme in "Ask this Old House" http://www.tv.com/a...ag=ep_guide;summary
loft, Tom, Richard, Roger and Kevin examine an unfamiliar object and try to guess how it is used [Sunstone, Dec 09 2010]

This show would appeal particularly to "right brainers" I believe http://web-us.com/b...characteristics.htm
"Right brainers" Draw on unbounded qualitative patterns that are not organized into sequences, but that cluster around images [Sunstone, Dec 09 2010]

flash cards http://www.flashcar...ids.com/FullSet.htm
[xandram, Dec 10 2010]


       Suppose I guess "Bridge over pond!" but my competition guesses "Painting by Monet". Who wins? Or do we need a tiebreaker legwrestle?
bungston, Dec 09 2010

       The TV game show "Cash Cab" has a video bonus question at the end, but only a few of the videos actually wind up being a name-that-thing challenge. (The rest are just background things like a vid of an elephant followed by the question "What are elephants said to never do?")
baconbrain, Dec 09 2010

       This is sort of exactly like children's flash cards.
Except for the buzzer. [see link]
xandram, Dec 10 2010

       I seem to remember this being a recurring feature page in a scientific journal of optical and electron microscopy.
lurch, Dec 10 2010

       I think some people like to do this with car parts.
Ling, Dec 11 2010


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