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Napkin Vouchers

For the pizzed off
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Ever take home pizza, and then find it's so greasy that you have to use three or four heavy-duty paper towels to blot the grease off it?

It's kind of annoying. Those towels cost money. I feel that the pizza seller should be courteous and offer me something to defray the cost of the paper towels I must later use.

Yes, pizza places have napkins, but they're useless; teeny little one-ply pieces of crap.

I figure a deal like this: Buy 5 pies or 20 pizza slices at xyz pizzeria and get a free roll of Bounty paper towels (or other premium brand). It's win-win for you and your pizzeria.

phundug, Oct 28 2004


       this gives me an idea!
Pericles, Oct 28 2004

       Nice rant, but not much of an idea there.
Worldgineer, Oct 28 2004

       Or, you could buy less pizza, and then waste less paper towels, and all from the privacy of your own home!
brodie, Oct 29 2004

       Where is this Xyz Pizzeria?
harderthanjesus, Oct 29 2004


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