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Keeping it Real Fake Pizza Shop

Xeroxing Pizza Pies Since...Soon
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This one's for a pizza shop that can mimic the pizzas of all its competitors.

Key ingredients:

1) steal recipes from competitors using infiltration and subterfuge.

2) purchase the exact same ovens, ingredients and equipment.

3) advertise your diversity.


"Famous pizzas from around the world."

"Famous xtra cheese pizzas from around the globe."

frosto, Feb 26 2008


       [marked-for-deletion], no new idea. Copying competitors has been done since commerce was invented.
theleopard, Feb 26 2008

       I thought it said *pizza soup*...
just put in blender.
xandram, Feb 26 2008

       [goes off to vomit]
DrCurry, Feb 26 2008

       The idea here is the ironic name?
WcW, Feb 26 2008

       How big is your menu? Let's say my favourite pizza place offers about 15 varieties. If I look in the yellow pages under "Restaurant - Pizza", I see roughly 30 listings for the metropolitan area. Since you plan to mimic ALL the competition, does that mean you plan to offer 450 different pizzas?   

       Here's an alternative. Since you already plan to steal recipes using infiltration and subterfuge, why not intercept your competitors phone orders and have your kitchen prepare those pizzas using step 2, but deliver the finished product in a satirized knock-off copy of the originator's copyrighted pizza box. Underground guerilla pizza movement.
Canuck, Feb 26 2008

       Wow, canuck. Counterfeit pizza conspiracy? That's way better.
GutPunchLullabies, Feb 26 2008

       A "pizza photocopier" would be neat .... dough instead of paper, and toppings instead of toner. Replace the fuser unit with a conveyor oven .....
8th of 7, Feb 26 2008

       I was hoping this would be a service that would deliver a photocopy of a pizza, (on the appropriate size paper, in a cardboard box), and there would be an interesting rationale behind such a service. Sorry. [-]
ed, Feb 27 2008

erlehmann, Feb 27 2008

       Meh, it's not as if it's difficult to recreate the kind of fausty, cheap imitation pizzas that the big chains whisk around the place, reaping in massive profit margins as their insipid pap is mopedded about town to, for and by the economically disadvantaged.   

       All the shit chains do this, like Dominoes and Pizza Hut - and it's all complete crap.   

       Rather than base a business on muscling in and copying these skimp-merchants (which seems to be the norm) I'd have thought that promoting quality ingredients and traditional cooking methods would provide a niche market that is as of yet, and remains almost entirely untapped by the competition.   

       Anyway, I second the mfd - copying isn't anything new.   

       Also, it would be easier to obtain the required information by simply ordering a load of shit pizzas. Infiltration and subterfuge may not be entirely necessary.
zen_tom, Feb 27 2008

       By the way, I have just tried to find "George Formby Bacon Fax Machine" to attach as a link to this idea - but it has gone! Quelle Horreaux!
zen_tom, Feb 27 2008

       Oh, it's a frontispiece - I thought you were just pleased to see me.
hippo, Feb 27 2008

       [Ian], nice use of the banjo ukelale as a communications device. I hadn't thought of that one...
theleopard, Feb 27 2008


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