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large personal music libraries should enlighten and enrich others
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Copying is the problem, lending is not.

I propose software based on napster but with software locks. If I lend a mp3, my copy is locked and the lenders unlocked. If I request a file that I don't have and that file can be found and locked, I get a copy. This is the equivalent to a lend.

The software could tag files that can't be locked such as ones on mp3 players. Open copyable files could also have a tag.

Files most requested would have to have enough bought copies to service needs. If I buy a track I would be adding to the global library.

There will always be theft, but most people want the fair ticket price.

Ultimately it comes down to having exactly what you want when you want it Or having a greater than personal amount of choice.

wjt, Jan 31 2011


       //Copying is the problem//

No it aint. The problem is businesses who want to control what you do with something once you've bought it. The licensing model of sales is the problem and if digital 'piracy' ceased in its entirety tomorrow, I doubt if the media companies would earn a penny extra in sales revenue on the back of it.
DrBob, Jan 31 2011


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