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a place to assuage your napster guilt
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Imagine an anonymous service for those who have downloaded music and feel guilty about cheating the artist. The pirate goes to the website, sets up an anonymous account, and picks a list of artists who he believes deserves some money in exchange. The service either distributes money to the artist, or if the artist does not claim the money, gives it to charity.

People who bought CD's and felt guilty that the artist received next to no money for their work, could also use this service.

Eventually, artists could feel comfortable releasing new works into the net as shareware, knowing that enough fans would pay for the music to make it worth their while.

(I edited this for clarity following Doodler's comments...)

dbsousa, Jul 26 2003

Salon: Courtney Love Does the Math http://dir.salon.co.../14/love/index.html
An oft-linked transcript of a speech Courtney Love gave at a recording industry gathering in 2000. An excellent piece and one that vastly changed my opinion of Ms. Love. [bristolz, Oct 17 2004]

How to Tell if the RIAA Wants You http://www.eff.org/IP/P2P/riaasubpoenas/
[thumbwax, Oct 17 2004]


       If they feel guilty they can always buy what they originally copied. Bone for you.
Doodler, Jul 26 2003

       No, buying the original copy is not the same thing. If they do that the artist gets, what, 3¢?   In this idea, which I like, the artists or the charities might actually get an amount that means something and the RIAA won't. (Not that I think the RIAA is a bad thing but, lately, their tactics have been uncool.)
bristolz, Jul 26 2003

       I heard recently on NPR that Aimee Mann never saw a dime from her studio albums, even though she sold a million. She has sold about 100,000 albums since she started her own label, but she has made eight dollars off of each one.
dbsousa, Jul 27 2003

       Yep, this is the way forward. After ripping a copy of 'The Streets', I decided to send him a fiver (£5) in the post instead of just buying the album for this very reason. I like music, I want to compensate people who spend their time making it, but not overly reward record companies, who are an unhelpful intermediary
neilp, Jul 27 2003

       I have big hopes that this issue of sueing people for downloading music finally breaks the Lords of the record industry. I have never downloaded music, but I hope that artists will soon realise that they don't need to be kept as serfs if they can market on and properly manage the digital domain. $15 is too much to pay for a CD when the artist sees probably only $0.50.
My main question here is Is there any longer a need for Record Labels and Record Stores?
Power to the People.
Zimmy, Jul 27 2003

       //is Is there any longer a need for Record Labels and Record Stores?//   

       Yes. I have a need for record stores. They're my preferred means for getting music.
snarfyguy, Jul 27 2003

       i would so use this service. i 'borrowed' a copy of gillian welch's album, and almost immediatly felt guilty. if this doesn't get baked soon i'll just send her a check in the mail.
fuzz2050, Sep 17 2006


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