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Spike Jonesified music and shows

Resell show and song with lots of noise and stupid stuff added
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There is a cutout in the copyright law permitting parody. I propose that entire albums have lots of different noises (lots, but rhythmic) added to each song and resold under the same name but with an extra word like "Poop" or "Pee" added to the title. Some songs might be slowed down with added volga boatmen chanting. Some might be sped up with tinny cymbals and cats meowing. Rich variety.

The same with movies: the movie would be made available in its entirety on youtube but the modifier would insert himself (very possibly herself) in greenscreen style, doing stuff along with the action, dancing, making faces and poses, and generally hamming it up. Someone who wanted to watch a high quality version of the movie might put up with the gurning nuisance artist poking his head into just about every frame, quacking sounds, and so on.

For very popular, still in the theaters movies the additions would start sparse and become more and more elaborate and intrusive as the movie went on.

All profits from these artistic endeavors will go to the nonprofit humanitarian arm of BUNGCO, helping with any copyright issues that could arise.

bungston, Nov 14 2016

Cocktails For Two. https://www.youtube...watch?v=lvt4b_qwC_Q
Some Spike Jones for you. [DrBob, Nov 16 2016]




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