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Programable networked A.I pet
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I thought of this one just the other day. What if something like the Sony Aibo dog were sold with a sort of information network around the house. As the pet travels from one room to another it recieves basic rules and behaviors based on that room. Ex. Curling up and sleeping in the living room or bedroom. avoiding the kitchen or sitting by a pet bowl. Or playing ball in the den. Each room would be programable with some basic settings for each.
Antioc, Jan 22 2004

Sparko, friend of Elektro! http://davidszondy....re/robot/sparko.htm
The Alpha prototype... [ConsulFlaminicus, Mar 02 2005]


       digging big holes in the garden.
po, Jan 22 2004

       don't even mention the cat's litter tray.
po, Jan 22 2004

       Slobber over any person in the bedroom, will save the alarm clock.
kbecker, Jan 22 2004

       Why shouldn't you mention the cat's litter tray? I don't get it.
spacecadet, Jan 22 2004

       I said don't mention the l word...
po, Jan 23 2004

       Whimpering for release in the cold, damp, dark and lonely shed with all the spiders? (only joking of course!)
dobtabulous, Jan 23 2004

       Where do the batteries go? Is there a cord to plug into the wall at night? Does it have a recharge stand by the phone? Does it need out? Is it machine washable? Can I buy different furs? Is it soft for petting? Does it have a wet nose? Can I flush it down the toilet when it grows up? Will it chew my shoes? Is it good with children? Can I store it in the closet? Is there an AI cat? Do they get along? Are parts sold separately?
k_sra, Jan 23 2004

       Oh, the power of inquisitive minds.
skinflaps, Jan 23 2004

       The pet wouldn't be too predictable. It would have a range of benighn behaviors, as well as the programed behaviors you put in, as options. it would randomly select one of these activities when it enters a new room, and then again at random times while in the room. It would have a rechargable battery, and would be plugged in at night. How Unpredictable IS the average housepet anyway, once its been trained, and is used to its surroundings that is. There would be a cat as well, with different behavior options. No litter tray needed! One of the advantages of a robotic pet would be the destinct lack of potty training.
Antioc, Jan 23 2004

       You didn't answer the rest of my questions. <frowns>
k_sra, Jan 23 2004

       Ok then, Same as Aibo.yes.If you want.no.no.no.no.no.Yes,but it won't work anymore.no.yes.yes.no.yes.(smile)
Antioc, Jan 24 2004

       Thank you, [Antioc]. That was very nice of you.
k_sra, Jan 24 2004

       I first read it as "robopests"
pashute, Oct 01 2014


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