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Natural beat editing software

Create new music paradigm. (idea for music pros)
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Modern computer music is made to an artificial beat. This beat is constant and never-changing (unless deliberately so, at certain points). Programs like Fruity-Loops or Acid force you (or help you) create this kind of music.

But what if you want to sing or play at your own pace, and then start adding in the drums MIDI and other sounds?

I propose a multitrack audio program which, like Acid Pro, finds the beats, but unlike it, marks the beats by splicing up your track without changing it.
You can then easily move the spliced track sections forward or backward, add drum-beats on a separate track, and best of all, have all kinds of music styles which automatically put in the drums and accompanyment on a separate track.

The automatic beat detection would also devide the music into "verses" (of several spliced sections).
By allowing the editor to correct or change the verses, the editor assistis the program in interpreting the music you are creating correctly.

pashute, Nov 02 2002

Milli Vanilli http://eserver.org/bs/09/Friedman.html
Martyr Vanartyr [thumbwax, Oct 17 2004]

Pitch Corrector http://www.akaipro....global/z8/z8fs.html
Studio/Live app. - to pitch-correct bristolz's comment [thumbwax, Oct 17 2004]

Polyrhythm software http://www.enteract...l2/music/RhythmLab/
Linux user created this. Found it by entering same search term as *short name* above [thumbwax, Oct 17 2004]


       The point is that music today sounds completely machine made, and here's the chance to use the machine to make music at hour (human) pace.
pashute, Nov 02 2002

       <off topic-ish>As [waugsqueke] recently pointed out to me, much music today is quantized both in tempo and pitch during the post-production process, even acoustically captured things like real drums and vocals. I was a little floored to find this tidbit out. I had no idea that post equipment had gotten so good, so transparent. It does make me wonder how good some of these singers really are without all the harmonizer stuff.
bristolz, Nov 02 2002

       Sadly, it's all in the mix - even *I* could be made to sound good.
thumbwax, Nov 03 2002

       Apparently, they use the pitch correction stuff during live performances as well.
bristolz, Nov 03 2002

       I perform, compose, sing and play music among other things.   

       My songs and performances are very "un-electronic", although I use the computer, digital music and loops.   

       I am talking about software which allows for the human NON DIGITISED rythem. Everything else should fall into the lead, just like human singers follow the lead, listening and coming in at the correct time, or follow the conductor's hands.
pashute, Jun 04 2003

       Many songs have a certain "ebb" and "flow" to them, which makes them sound much more "human". When I midi-edite such things, I liberally sprinkle in tempo-change events to make the music follow such a contour. When I karaoke'd "Believe me if all those endearing young charms" I found that flexing the tempo made the music sound much better than just keeping a straight 3/4 beat.
supercat, Jun 04 2003


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