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Touch Tone Mixer

Touch tone interface to audio mixer
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I woke up this morning to a college radio station. The announcer made a rather made a strange statement to introduce what would turn out to be an amazingly bad live band: "If the audio mix is bad, if the the vocals are too loud or too soft, give us a call and let us know, [phone number]." Well, the vocals were indeed way too loud for the music, instead of calling them, though, I just changed the station. Which brings me to my idea. If the station, which was aparantly too lazy to have a compitant operator for the mixer, had a touch tone interface to the thing, I could have quickly called and corrected the problem myself. Of course, that would have been no help to the quality of the band in this particular case, but in general it would be useful. Perhaps a automatic voting mechinism could be devised when it is likely that more than one person is listening.
JakePatterson, Jan 18 2002


       There are devices which can be remotely controlled via touch tones. Answering machines and UPSs come to mind. I can't imagine a large market for this particular implementation. Maybe you should just see if the station would hire you to run the mixer.
phoenix, Jan 18 2002


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