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Public fire poles

For going down quickly
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sorry it's not an elevator. tell me where i shoud put it.

you have shafts with poles in them in tall (and not so tall buildings, because notso tall building have the sloooowest elevators) so people can go down quickly. no waiting for elevators just zip down ten floors. or 60, or 110.

So its too high for you or pole technology is not up to spec so it can be incremental.

Dangerous? wusses take the stairs.

davidcreede, Aug 09 2003

or what about this idea, & associated baked links? http://www.halfbake...0evacuation_20shaft
Hmmn [seedy em, Oct 04 2004]


       Real men jump.
Shz, Aug 09 2003

       Real men go down slowly.
ping, Aug 09 2003

       extreme banisters   

       david has a thing about going up and down rather quickly.
po, Aug 09 2003

       extreme barristers   

       for people who like men in wigs and gowns
out now on VHS and DVD
chud, Aug 09 2003

       Makes a nice chimney.
lurch, Aug 09 2003

       hesitant to link to extreme banisters. mine is for fun not expediency
po, Aug 09 2003

       Dangerous? Well, yes, actually - you'll burn your hands from friction on the pole. Also, as with the idea once posted by egnor for a sort of jump shaft, you'll get accidents from people not stepping away from the bottom fast enough.
DrCurry, Aug 09 2003

       thinking my dog's bottom and getting away fast.. sorry
po, Aug 09 2003

       Burn your hands? When was the last time you were on the playground? Do you actually use only your hands for slowing? I usually wrap my clothed arms legs and whole body around the pole and slow with that type of grip. Go and observe kids on a playground they do the same.
davidcreede, Aug 11 2003

       As for people not stepping away fast enough, maybe a sensor could trigger an audible reminder to expidite vacation.
davidcreede, Aug 11 2003

       I prefer long vacations myself.   

       Not everyone wears pants. Or long sleeves all year. This is not bound to be practical.
k_sra, Aug 11 2003

       they're actually taking these out of UK fire stations, due mainly to work place injuries, so not sure we'd want to introduce them to the general populace. It's a shame though, they're much fun.
neilp, Aug 11 2003

       i could do it in shorts and short sleeves, my point was simply that the friction burden does not lie solely on the hands.
davidcreede, Aug 12 2003

       Alternative: Helter-Skelter ?
8th of 7, Aug 12 2003

       (Envisagions someone sliding down, just coming to a stop at their floor. BLAM! 250-pound guy on his way to 10 floors further down!)   

       I dunno...
galukalock, Aug 15 2003

       I usually apply most of the friction with my shoes, and only use my hands to stay upright.
Freefall, Aug 15 2003

       Good Idea, but better obviously to have poles only go down one floor at a time..... September 11 would have been less deadly with this practical solution.
BennyS, Nov 16 2003

       John Varley addresses the getting away from the pole problem...the base is in a spinning disk, which tumbles you out into a padded area....
normzone, Nov 17 2003

       I was going to say this was baked, but I had misread it as "pubic fire poles".
bungston, Nov 17 2003


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