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like near-beer, but for the LSD crowd
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Near-beer is non-alcoholic beer. Near-acid would be non-hallucinogenic LSD. For the designated driver at an acid party.
mrthingy, Jun 29 2001

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       It's a sugar cube, then?
angel, Jun 29 2001

       angel: Well you could put it ON a sugarcube, I guess.
mrthingy, Jun 29 2001

       Remember the days when being an acidhead really *meant* something?
The Military, Jun 30 2001

       [The Military]: I have absolutely no recollection of that decade. None whatsoever. And I will continue to have no recollection so long as I keep taking my Lithium....
mcscotland, Jan 25 2002

       Baked. Psilocybin (a generally milder hallucinogen).
snarfyguy, Jan 26 2002

       snarfyguy: psilocybin in similar sized doses is less potent than LSD but I still wouldn't like anyone to drive under its influence. When time sense and depth perception go funny you don't want to be in control of a vehicle.

mcscotland: what's a recognection?
sirrobin, Jan 27 2002

       snarfguy: definitely not baked. Less potent maybe, but you'll still spend a significant amout of time watching the walls move.   

       sirrobin: no idea. How about recollection?
mcscotland, Jan 27 2002

       so wats its druggy name? and do u reckon it wud b out here in little old new zealand? whats its effects on ya? i had sumthing once @ college i cant exactly remember wat it was(my memory is totally shot) i do know that i sat in my best mates living room and watched the 70's style wallpaper swirl around in circles while the clock and everything else on the mantelpiece melted down 2 the floor! it was a truly scary but amazing experience!!!
princess_mel, Feb 22 2002

       And are you perhaps stoned right now?
mighty_cheese, Feb 22 2002

       You're fine to drive on mushrooms until you actually realise you *are* driving - it gets a bit iffy then.
notripe, Feb 22 2002

       princess - sounds like you had peyote -- much more likely to induce visual hallucinations than plain 'ole acid.
quarterbaker, Feb 22 2002

       my ex refused his mushrooms, I had to think of something else.
po, Feb 22 2002


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