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Royal Highness

Unscented Cannabis
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Cannabis Scent is beneath Nobility.
thumbwax, Jan 14 2002


       His Royal Harryness was described by a teenage girl as 'one of the most disgusting people I've ever met'. At the time in question, he was alternately throwing cider bottles at a wall, and throwing up over it, having spent the entire day getting lashed out of his tree.
angel, Jan 14 2002

       Obviously taking after his namesake (No 5), by the looks of things. I wonder if he's got his very own Falstaff plying him with spliffs and booze.
Guy Fox, Jan 14 2002

       Personally I think it's a cry for attention because he's living in the shadow of his big brother.   


       Mission accomplished.   

       That's enough about thumbwax....with Harry it was just peer pressure.
Helium, Jan 14 2002

       I didn't think the House of Lords had anything to do with it.
sappho, Jan 14 2002

thumbwax, Jan 14 2002

       If he got together with Euan Blair they could have the mother of all nights out in the West End.
Redbrickterrace, Jan 14 2002

       Or would that be The Mother Of All Knights?
thumbwax, Jan 14 2002

       Harry Stoner and the Philosopher's Pot.
waugsqueke, Jan 14 2002

       Standing ovation for that one, [waugs].
angel, Jan 14 2002

       ::: ditto ::::
Guy Fox, Jan 14 2002

       Harry's dad, the Prince of Wales, wishes to be the Defender of the Faiths and therefore protect all UK religions other than just the Church of England. One of those religious groups just happens to be the Rastafarians for whom marijuana is a sacred gift from God ...   

       On a more serious note Charles is also an active patron of lots of addiction and drug recovery programmes so his response was reportedly quite measured and constructive.
Aristotle, Jan 14 2002

       Harry Pothead, and the Stoner's Philosophy.
Guncrazy, Jan 14 2002

       HRH Charlie boy talks to HIS plants
po, Jan 14 2002

       I think Helium may have a point, it has been pointed out that Margaret went down the same path. No role to play.
po, Jan 14 2002

       imct, I deleted your annotation as you used annotation space to provide a link. A link may be provided by using "link" button.
thumbwax, Jan 14 2002

       Thank you ¯waugsqueke: ***Near visual of the choad-smoking prince*** D'ya think we'd have the lad a'saltin his ale?
reensure, Jan 14 2002


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