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Nearly there

Warning alarm sounded in nearly overdue library books
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If each book were to be fitted with a very basic (personal orgainiser) style alarm, scanned and set when borrowing the book, it could then alarm the borrower (not Mary Norton) to return it before the allocated date.
arora, Apr 26 2002

Booklend http://www.booklend.net/
Rods Tiger's idea in action... [magnificat, May 02 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       I can't help thinking it'd be a lot simpler for the *library* to remind people that their books are due back (e.g. by automatic email or text message).
pottedstu, Apr 26 2002

       Darn! I was hoping this was a clever idea to solve the incredibly annoying habit of certain children (children I know well) to ask, repreatedly, when on a long-ish drive, "Are we there yet?"
bristolz, Apr 26 2002

       Rods: I don't really think that would work, I have been to the library without a specific book in mind, apart from the fact I would like to learn more about "fly fishing in Scotland" ( for arguments sake), without knowing a particular author or the title of the book. I would look under the "Fishing" section, if there was a book there that fit the bill I would take it. I certainly wouldn't ask the assistant to look through the records of overdue books to see if one was still 'out on loan'. Also [potstu] if I were a 65 year old bloke living in the wonderful setting of Cumbria (which I'm not) looking for the best fly to catch a salmon, I think it might be a bit too much to assume that I am internet/text friendly, but I could be wrong - I usually am.
arora, Apr 26 2002

       bris: I could easily change this to a flashing light along the dashboard which starts in green - at the left for UK (when leaving home) and is pre-set to the drivers side (probably in red - to denote - a week of hell) so the kids can see the progression of the journey - could be a good idea to stop the "when are we there" hassle -   

       "When it gets to the wheel"!!!!!
arora, Apr 26 2002

       Things that get sad when overdue?
phoenix, Apr 27 2002

       Good idea, arora. Or even better would be a piercing alarm that would go off on the first day the book is overdue and would not stop until it was returned.   

       Your idea, Rods Tiger, would violate people's privacy. People have a right to read a book about, say, herpes, without it being made public simply because someone else wants to read it. "Hello, Mrs. Smith? May I speak with your daughter Judy? She has a book about teen pregnancy that I need." Plus, what makes you think someone will just hand over a book they're using just because someone wants it? Criminal, rather than social, situations would arise.
mrthingy, Apr 30 2002

       or maybe not.... Bliss: You are so orgainised, you also have a reading room?   

       I feel so cheap now. I usually read a borrowed book whilst trying to cook dinner, or while everyone else is watching TV, or just about falling asleep (and sometimes for a few moments in the bathroom) - (you there yet?) Now the 'tricky part' - I only have one of those cheap tacky calendars - you know the one- from the milkman, which I like to keep in perfect condition because it tells me when "Shrove Tuesday" is coming around, or Rice Pudding Day and I only keep that one in the kitchen. How would I view this from my bedroom? If I had wall charts telling me the times of everyday life I wouldn't want an alarm sounding book now - would I?
arora, Apr 30 2002

       I pay a lot for my family's overdue book fines. This would be great. Not only would it help with overdues, the audible alarm would help locate that Hardy Boys book that somehow migrated into the frying-pan drawer in the kitchen.
Dog Ed, May 01 2002

       Never borrow more books than you can read in the alloted borrowing time. Read them, and return them when you're finished. You're guaranteed to beat the overdue date.
waugsqueke, May 01 2002

       This bloke that warms your legs, is he a refugee? (my hubby warms mine)
arora, May 01 2002

       Come on, be civilised. This isn't The Sun Newspapers tit-for-tat column.
[ sctld ], May 01 2002

       Bliss : Not so much a bad day as one that could've gone better. All work and no play makes [ sctld ] a dull boy.
[ sctld ], May 01 2002

       me too - just having a bit of fun, I'm sure bliss knows that (I hope)
arora, May 01 2002

       Sorry Guys - you've all got it wrong...   

       To get around the issue (no pun intended) of having to return your library books on time, all you have to do is flick through the book untill you come to two pages that are stuch together near the spine, prise them apart then peel out the foil strip that you find there... et voila, put the book in your bag and don't worry about when you return it.   

       Two things to bear in mind though: 1 Don't put the metal foil thingy in your pocket 2 Do actually return the book - an anauthorised extended loan is one thing, but thieving it would be inappropriate   

       Have fun!
Stewbie, May 01 2002

       The funny thing is, Rods Tiger's idea is actually baked. See link.
magnificat, May 02 2002

       The service that that link describes is different from RT's idea. You have to mail the books back to a central location, not the next user/reader, which is what RT suggested.
mrthingy, May 02 2002

       I would prefer if the library's system could email you when your books are, say 3 days from due. After the initial system upgrade, it would cost the library almost nothing, and reduce the amount of time spent dealing with fines, etc.
sycorob24, Nov 11 2003

       My library seems to have most of this covered. First of all they provide a recipt with due dates on it - I use this as a bookmark for easy reference. I can also return my book to any of Seattle's libraries and check it out from any other (after reserving it using their web page). Finally, they do send me e-mail telling me when my next reserved books are available - at the same time notifying me of any books that are overdue. The only piece that's missing is the auto-notify the day of or before a book is due - which would be nice.
Worldgineer, Nov 11 2003

       [world] my local library service in Melbourne is the same - they'll send a text or e-mail when a book is available/overdue.   

       I suppose they don't send reminders because of expense. e.g. say 20% of books are returned in advance of the due date, 30% are overdue by more than a day, and 50% are returned on the due date.   

       At the moment, they'd be sending reminders to only the 30% group.   

       If they implemented a 'reminder its almost due' then they'd be sending texts to the 30% + the 50% peeps
seedy em, Nov 11 2003


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