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media library/club

a library/club for materials not in public libraries or available for rent
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This would be a library/club where you would pay some kind of fee which would allow you to borrow items not found elsewhere for loaning or rent. e.g. comic books, or tv show dvds. Regular libraries don't have comic books, and comic book stores want you to buy them. The club would vote on what to get, make rules governing borrowing, etc.
Cymor, Feb 10 2003

Kansas City Libraries http://www.kclibrar...talog/bpolicies.cfm
Rent comic books, magazines, videos and DVDs. I'm sure other libraries do so as well. [pottedstu, Oct 04 2004]


       Actually, many public libraries DO have comic books and tv show DVDs.
mrthingy, Feb 11 2003

       How would the cost of the subscription and necessary infrastructure stack up agains the individual cost of the comic books etc. ? I suspect that this enterprise (however laudable) will run up against the Law of Diminishing Returns.
8th of 7, Feb 11 2003

       My local branch of Blockbusters rents DVDs of popular TV shows. Private libraries renting books, DVDs and videos are all very common, or were formerly common. And many public libraries have comic books. I hardly think this qualifies as an original idea.
pottedstu, Feb 11 2003

       I hadn't heard that any libraries carried comic books, let alone ones near me. I live in the KC area. However, it would still be useful, because there are things that blockbuster and public libraries do not carry.
Cymor, Feb 11 2003


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