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Open Booger

Platform for microbiological equity
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So it turns out that nose picking is, besides being life's reward for failing to connect with other members of your group, a strategy for optimizing the diversity of your microbiome. So if you are sharing spit and breath with others then no need to diversify your own microbiome, but spend too much time alone and you will gravitate toward nasal mining.

Nature doesn't probably do stuff by mistake so, guessing that there have been lonely people around for a long time, there probably might be some microbiological advantage to that too, thus open booger, an opportunity to share breath, blood and boogers with other lonely, ostracized people.

There's nothing like indulging in a few boogers and ostracism at the end of a long day of not talking to people and having to pretend you are happy at the bottom of the hydrodynamic microbiological air- economical totem pole. Now you can use the leverage of the Internet to ramp up your microbiological loneliness game.

Share boogers with other social pariahs based on a scientific profile of your boogers's biome, thus optimizing whatever benefits nature must see in imposing this fate on you and the other losers.

Open Booger.

JesusHChrist, Nov 30 2015


       Some people think it's funny, but...   


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