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leave your clubs at home
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Creat a self-propelled golfball programmed through a small wireless PDA-like device with a touchscreen. Create a simple sign language (forward, turn, hop, etc) for programming the ball. Judge better player by least number of commands used to putt the ball (or assign point ratings to commands and record how many points used up).
neonardo, Sep 15 2003



       Just how big do you think this golfball would be if it could fly itself through the approximately 6000+ yards that it takes to navigate the average regulation golf course? I doubt seriously that it would fit into a regulation-size cup. The organized bodies (and "powers that be") who govern the rules of play will deal you the fastest stack of fishbones you've ever seen... and tell you to "never come back here again".   

X2Entendre, Sep 15 2003

       Hey, he never said it was going to be used on a huge field. What he's really proposing is a sort of turtle programming competition. This could be interesting.
Madcat, Sep 16 2003

       Well, it's not really golf, but I like the concept. I'll give you a self-propelled roll. +
k_sra, Sep 17 2003

       Bonus points for acrobatics.   

       "Here comes Tiger now. 3 wood. Lovely strike, but fading to the left. Oh no, back round it comes. A quick loop-the-loop now. Oh, unlucky bounce - but it seems to have self-corrected..."
PeterSilly, Sep 17 2003

       Thought from title this was Matrix-style golf where ball is in bullet-time and hole rushes up to you after the swing. Nice shot Mr. Anderson. Whoa, I am the hole in one.
wombat, Sep 17 2003


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