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Office Paper Golf

As lame as paper football..
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First, set up a suitable hole- those predrilled holes in your desk (for computer cables) work well. Set up a few hazards around it, such as stacks of unfinished work (everyone has some of those), coffee cups, whatever you can find.

Next, find a set of clubs. Bic pens (drivers) and creatively bent paper clips (irons, wedges) work well.

Now find a ball. Balled up and slightly moistened paper works ok, so does a pencil eraser (for those loooong drives).

Lastly, make yourself a teeoff spot. Mousepads work good. This should be on a different desk across the room, hopefully well out of view of the boss (who is still wondering why there are all those unfinished piles of work laying around). Line up and tee off! To shoot, just bend back the pen or paper clip and "snap" into the ball.

FORE!! Now get back to work.

Mr Burns, Oct 11 2002


       Or, as a former colleague of mine did, have a hole drilled in the floor and install a putting green.
DrCurry, Oct 11 2002

       Yeah, my boss would *never* notice that...   

       We're shooting for the [free-cheap] pricerange here..
Mr Burns, Oct 11 2002


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