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Marathon Golf

Golf tournaments turned inside out
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This is partly inspired by the chap who is golfing his way across America to raise money for charity.

As noted elsewhere, technology is giving us golf clubs and balls that can give even duffers like me 500 yard drives. So let's turn the game inside out, and scrap the holes. Instead, the object will be simply to hit the ball as far as possible, over hill and dale.

As always, the golfer who can make it from, say, Stamford to Hartford in the least number of swings, wins.

DrCurry, Nov 07 2003

Ballistic Driver http://sanjose.bizj...8/01/19/story6.html
//can give even duffers like me 500 yard drives....here you go DrC [never trust a man in a blue trench coat, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Man Golfs Across Mongolio http://www.taipeiti...04/07/05/2003177825
Yes, Mongolio. [calum, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Make it truly halfbaked, and allow the golfer to propel the ball using any mechanism he or she wants, as long as it is not externally powered and can be carried by one person.
krelnik, Nov 07 2003

       There is a documented story of the longest ball ever hit by a man. It went something like 18 miles on a frozen lake... no wind. He did it on a bet that he could not hit a ball a mile on level ground.
stringstretcher, Nov 07 2003

       Alternative concept could be Marathon Golf hole -- with just one really long hole, say from Stamford to Hartford. Par 1000 or something.
booleanfool, Apr 20 2004

       999- Birdie 998- Eagle 997- Albatross   


       237- Pheasant 236- Bronze winged pigeon 235- Peregrin Falcon   

Cunninglinguist, Apr 21 2004

       You should get bonus points for how straight you hit it. In my last two rounds, my distance has reduced, but the accuracy has increased. And is there somewhere in particular in the destination town that needs to be "hit" with the ball?
PeterSilly, Apr 21 2004

       1001-bogie 1002 double-bogie ... 1008 snowman ... 1800 centi-snowman
booleanfool, Apr 25 2004

       How 'bout a national tour? Bank it off the Empire State Building, smack it through the Gateway to the West, and finally, with downtown Seattle as the green, have the ball contact the Space Needle.
WordUp, Jul 02 2004

       Someone just announced they are golfing across the Steppes, following the route of Genghis Khan. Not entirely sure what golf has to do with the Mongols (did they invent it? I thought that was polo).
DrCurry, Jul 06 2004

       [curry] - Did Genghis Khan tour somehwere? What route? I'm confused. Would you have a problem doing this through cities - with people & windows to be broken? Driving off the Empire state would invariably kill someone. Maybe the city portion of this could be done with soft balls?
energy guy, Jul 06 2004

       There is but one golf course in Mongolio and no, the Mongolions didn't invent golf. Golf was, like everything else, invented by the Scots.
calum, Jul 06 2004

       I still like this idea. but hey... what ever happened to [booleanfool]
dentworth, Aug 19 2004


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