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Neon cigarette papers

Mandatory, eye-catching cigarette papers, filters, wrappers.
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I once heard that Zig Zag makes neon-coloured cig papers. With legislation requiring big tobacco to make all their cigarette papers, filter and the filter wrappers in gaudy colours such as neon orange, neon yellow and neon pink, smokers would become self-conscious and less inclined to use the world's lawns, parks and sidewalks as their personal ashtrays. Public opposition to the very visible cigarette litter would rise, and lawn clean-up would be a breeze. No longer would you think you've raked every remaining piece of trash only to have your eyes stumble upon yet another white cancer-stick, concealed beaneath a green blade of grass, gratuitously sunbathing on your lawn.
RogerRam, Sep 03 2003


       It's a pity you couldn't make screaming cigarette papers.
Detly, Sep 03 2003

       Put little pieces of iron in the filters so you can pick them up with a magnet.
kbecker, Sep 04 2003

       Take a look at any catalog of Nate Sherman "Tobaccanist to the World" brand specialty cigarettes. He has been making designer cigarettes since the early 1970's. They are very expensive and come in every color of the rainbow including neon colors. Many come with matte gold or silver filter tips. Some are chocolate and mint flavored. A favorite among 'rock-n-roll' divas. His company is in NYC. They are so pretty and flavorful, that when I see them I just want to eat them.
Cosmo, Sep 11 2003


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