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cigarette paper - foolproof

Never roll another cigarette the wrong way around again.
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Smokers who ‘roll their own’ cigarettes can still accidentally have the cigarette paper the wrong way around i.e. the gummed side facing away from the person rolling the cigarette, particularly in poor lighting conditions.

The fool proof cigarette paper has a positive visual indication showing the correct orientation that the paper should be in, to enable a correctly rolled cigarette every time.

The visual indication on the cigarette paper would be achieved by means of a simple cropped chamfer or radius on a chosen corner of the cigarette paper.

The improved cigarette tobacco paper means that users can easily, visually orientate the paper to guarantee the gummed area is always correctly placed for ‘licking’.

If the rule of having the chamfer in the top right corner is obeyed when rolling a cigarette, then it would be impossible to roll a cigarette the wrong way around.

benonline, Jan 11 2004


       as a reformed smoker, I can safely say this is an oxymoron :)
theircompetitor, Jan 11 2004

       Rizla already do this on their green packets.
sufc, Jan 11 2004

       Nothing cigarette related can be foolproof. You have to be a fool to use it at all.
waugsqueke, Jan 11 2004

       law of numbers...someone would have to get it confused sometime
Space-Pope, Jan 11 2004

       what kind of "cigarettes" are YOU talking about??
v0rtexx, Jan 12 2004

       Having successfully rolled numerous cigarettes in low ambient lighting conditions, I would say that you either need glasses, or that you have tried rolling too many ‘cigarettes’ in a row.
xrayTed, Jan 12 2004

       Or they could just gum the inside and outside of both long edges. For that flavoursome gummy smoke Oh yeah!
dobtabulous, Jan 12 2004

       I think you are referring to "cut corner" rolling papers. These are freely available from any tobacconist, corner shop, petrol station etc. etc.
squeak, Jan 12 2004


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